If you could choose to live anywhere in Middle-Earth and/or the Undying lands, where…

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    • Ago 23 2010, 9h09

    If you could choose to live anywhere in Middle-Earth and/or the Undying lands, where would you reside?

    I would personally live in Lothlórien.

  • same here

  • númenor

    • Ilith disse...
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    • Set 13 2010, 21h57
    Ah... maybe Imladris, Lothlórien or Mirkwood.

  • Rohan

  • I would live in Brethil Forest or Hithlum

  • Khazad-dûm. Or in the halls of Menegroth - skills of dwarfs and Eldar at one place, i wish i could see that.

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    • Out 10 2010, 16h34
    Maybe Imladris, Lothlórien or Rohan

  • Long Lake, Mirkwood or Lothlórien.

  • If I could live in Arda, I'd choose the Lorien in Valinor or perhaps Rivendell in Third Age

  • The Shire or Dale. Maybe Numenor before Ar-Pharazôn fucked everything up.

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  • middle earth

  • I would live in Lothlórien.

  • Lothlorien or Mirkwood.

    Anwen Elltawariel.
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    • Nov 28 2010, 20h35
    It's always been my dream to live in the Shire :)

    • Niniel_ disse...
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    • Nov 28 2010, 23h06

  • I'd choose the Shire.

    There are so many beautiful places in Tolkien's world but the Shire is the place to come back to safely after all adventures are over. I think it's a vision of a perfect home.

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    • Dez 5 2010, 12h20

    • bilXD disse...
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    • Dez 25 2010, 6h26
    Angband would be a nice place to live. Joking!
    It's really hard to decide, but Gondolin gives me a good sensation

    • Oskoreii disse...
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    • Jan 1 2011, 17h41
    between the misty mountains and mirkwood, close to beorn. Tolkiens description of this place is simply beautiful

    • sinisha disse...
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    • Jan 3 2011, 15h57

    • riksjarl disse...
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    • Jan 30 2011, 19h02
    Esgaroth or Utumno.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Fev 20 2011, 10h03
    One of Men's lands, like Rohan or Gondor. If I were elf, I would like to live in Aman :) or Lothlórien, or at the seaside, or anywhere in a time of peace.

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    • Fev 27 2011, 17h54
    I'd choose Imladris (or Annúminas after its reconstruction).

    • zooroopa disse...
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    • Mar 24 2011, 14h42
    Rivendell :-)

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