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We also hold illicit Thom Yorke Lovers Conventions every so often. And now, by English law, we have so many members these conventions could technically constitute a riot!

Thom Yorke is your dictator and evil overlord! Worship him like you would a giant Waitrose Innocent Smoothie factory (but one in which the extortionate price of £1.85* for a 250ml bottle has been reduced to "Three handfuls of sand") in the middle of the desert if you'd been crawling across the desert for over five days and the only sustenance you'd had was your arch nemesis' urine! WORSHIP HIM! AND HIS NEW ALBUM!

On a more serious note, we all love Thom Yorke. And in all honesty you probably do too, so why not join up today? Your free** goodie bag of Thom Yorke merchandise awaits.

*for all the Americans out there, that's about $3.45, and for you Europeans that's about €2.69.

**That's a lie but what's a goodie bag compared to a warm glow of self-satisfied love?

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