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DISCLAIMER: Just because you think Aural Cunt Punt is godly does not make you elite. It just means you know who's best to sell your soul to.

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Troll.

Essentially, this is the escape for all (respectable) music forum regulars who need a chance to recollect his or her thoughts before ramming the proverbial cock in the ear of a needy Linkin Park/MCR/Mariah Carey/Panic! at the Disco/FOB/ICP fantard.

Are you tired of opening a promising thread and find that the OP is a fucktard? Is a Mariah Carey fantard pushing you off your high horse? Just learned that Joel Madden is a furry in a million other dimensions? Well fucking-granny-prune-tits, blow off some steam here! Recoup, regroup, recollect, jerk off a little, and proceed to unleash your elite fury! We've got plenty of Miles Davis to go around and none of that pesky bear jazz to get in the way of our John Cage.

So come one, come all, and come some more! Unless we hate you.

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