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Almost exclusively girls with a melancholy edge whose vocals are more instrument than a vehicle for words.

I suppose Cocteau Twins epitomize this genre, as do some Darkwave bands like Collection d'Arnell~Andrea, certainly some Massive Attack tracks. I want to find bands that sound like that from China, India, Zaire, or Iran, etc.

Generally, it's indie bands that have the overall sound of wafty etherealists. Gifted singers like Sarah Brightman or Faye Wong, even with an extensive catalog, might have a song or two that qualify but usually sound too professional and lack the innocent, melancholy needed.

I'm uploading mp3s to a tumblr blog from this playlist:

Some entries stretch the limits, from the commercial sounds of Toni Childs and Tasmine Archer to the slick presentations of Roxy Music and Gang of Four.

A couple of the best examples of wafty etherealism are the songs "Paradise" by the Chinese group Yu Fei Men, and the song "Just Talk" by A.C. Marias.

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  • sitenoise

    Wow, sorry I missed your comment. I guess you don't get notification here. Yes J Cruise sang the songs for Twin Peaks.

    17 Set 2010 Responder