• I believe it's When It Started

    aha, yeah I know. I'm surprised no one else is playing! this is kind of fun :$ and would be even better if it were more active here.

    That's not your problem... that's not my problem

    • lf_lou disse...
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    • Ago 11 2010, 23h04
    The Way It Is

    Good try. We won't take that shit.

  • Oh I Can't Win

    Give me some time, I just need a little time

  • You Talk Way Too Much

    ("thisvalythat" that was hard, I had to listen the cd to remember)

    High Stakes for a few names

  • Hhahah

    Hmm, I really really wanna say What Ever Happened?

    Whether that's wrong or not,

    I'm not your friend, I never was.

  • ARGHHH, it was Soma, wasn't it?
    Now I remember what it went like

  • yes,it was soma,

    Automatic Stop

  • Yeah.


  • And Fate my friend...

  • You say the strangest things


    And I'll be dreaming I was sunburned

  • Evening Sun

    I wish two drinks were always in me

  • Mmmm, give me another clue D;

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 22 2010, 15h51
    Electricityscape ! i luv this song!

    "i don't want what you want
    I don't feel what you feel" ♪

  • heart in a cage : )

    Thinking about that high school dance
    Worrying about the finals

  • Now I know, you're feeling lonely. So lonely oh lonely.
    I never needed anybody, I never needed anybody -- H... Between Love & Hate

    He knows it's justified to kill to survive

  • Alone, Together

    Flyin' overseas no time to feel the breeze

  • I took too many varieties.

    Modern Age

    Oh, men don't notice what they've got

  • Oh, women think of that a lot

    You Only Live Once

    I will train my eyes to see that my mind is as blind...

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 23 2010, 16h26
    " a branch on a tree." On the other side

    "We were tense for sure..."

  • But we was confident


    I recall, you were all there with me

  • Well shit, I'm going to have to listen to a few of their songs, nbd :)

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 26 2010, 16h16
    I think it's 15 minutes

    She wrote it in a letter

  • Oh yeah, I must admit, I don't know that song all too well...

    BUT OMG I HATE MYSELF, it took me hours to realize that it's NYC Cops!!

    "She told them to come get her, she wrote it in a letter. I've got to come clean,... uh in the hours in between, she said every night she just can't stand those New York City Cops, New York City Cops.. well they ain't too smaaart." Yeah, I know I got lyrics wrong, but that's pretty much how it goes ;) ...I'm sure anyway

    Take me away, see I've got to explain

  • Things they have changed in such a permanent way.

    Alone, Together

    Had his second kid was an early night

  • The song is "When It Started".

    you ain't never had nothing i want, but...

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