Old Gregg or The Hitcher?

  • Old Gregg or The Hitcher?

    Who do you think would win in a fight Old Gregg or The Hitcher? I got bored and this just popped into my head origonally I thought who would win a fight out of Vince and Howard but The Hitcher and Old Gregg in a fight would be funnnier! What do you think?


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  • hmmm, I would say the hitcher, but he's had his butt kicked a couple of times

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 15 2007, 13h18
    yeah but old gregg could blind him..

  • But, i bet that thumb could do some damage. And he could use the piper twins. because he wouldn't fight fairly now would he.

    Plus, i think the hitchers song is much better than Love Games. Although i love both, hitchers got more umf! But saying that, Old Gregg is pretty nasty. With his Mangina, and all that baileys he could do some real damage in a fight.

    To be honest, i think old Gregg would win basically on the fact that if he died he could never get Howard. And he wouldn't want that.

  • old gregg kicks evil cockney nutjob's green bony behinddddddddddddddddddd

    • tacoboy disse...
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    • Jul 7 2007, 3h11
    old greg would use his mangina to kick ass

    although the hitcher has some pretty powerful slap bass...

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  • the hitcher would cut up old greg,
    but old gregs mangina would knock him out..
    so either of them could win it depends whos fastest!


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    • emoxhair disse...
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    • Jul 23 2007, 13h53
    BadMonkey69 said:
    old gregs mangina would knock him out..

    what he said. so true! old gregg for sure.

    • emoxhair disse...
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    • Jul 23 2007, 13h54
    BadMonkey69 said:
    old gregs mangina would knock him out..

    what he said. so true! old gregg for sure.

  • My money is on the Hitcher... I'd be afraid to bet against him. Could turn ugly, know what I mean son?

  • I always thought Old Gregg was a bit of a wimp myself.

    The Hitcher would slap him down .... then pish on his watercolours.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 24 2007, 23h23
    Old Gregg. Totally.

    • mrjoe disse...
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    • Out 27 2007, 8h19
    The Hitcher, motherbitch.

  • Old Gregg clearly would win.

    he could hit the hitcher with a baileys bottle.

  • Old Gregg would win the Hitcher over with his charms (i.e: his mangina) and they would be happy till the end of times.... or the time when Howard decides that he suddenly likes seatransexuals...:-)

    Procrastinators of the world unite...tomorrow!
    • Nunni disse...
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    • Nov 10 2007, 23h36
    Old Gregg, of course... he's got a magina! :O

    • oakydoak disse...
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    • Nov 12 2007, 2h28
    the hitcher for pete's sake.

    that thumb would thump out some intense slap base rhythms, temporarily deafen old gregg and he'd knock him out/kill him with the thumb... and then proceed to piss on his watercolours.

    vince over howard 9 times out of 10... howard might get some new moves.

  • I think the Hitcher is tougher, but Old Gregg is more insane, and would be able to come up with great torture techniques, if only he could get the upper hand for a few moments.

    Or, Old Gregg would just seduce the Hitcher, and they'd make the world's weirdest looking babies.

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    • june-k disse...
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    • Out 29 2008, 21h59
    a green 'ball of tits' could fit very well the position of Gregg & Hitcher s kid. don t you think so?

    but the thing with the blinding mangina is that the hitcher could use his super-powered polos to protect himself from the light... but after all, maybe he ll get too drunk on creamy baileys, and then get knocked out by the rays.

    • brody37 disse...
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    • Dez 6 2008, 23h28
    the hitcher... he's a pepermint nightmare

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  • the hitcher ftw ;D

  • Old Gregg :3

    There's such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.
  • johnbunney said:
    I always thought Old Gregg was a bit of a wimp myself.

    The Hitcher would slap him down .... then pish on his watercolours.


  • love games?

  • The hitcher would cut off old greggs head off and stump fuck him haha!
    <3 xo.

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