The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii, 2011, Nintendo)

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    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii, 2011, Nintendo)

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Platform: Wii | Release: 2011 | Developer: Nintendo

    - Cell-shaded graphics similar to the Wind Waker, but have a more mature Link alike Twilight Princess.
    - Extensive use of the Wii Motion Plus for swordplay and using items.
    - Several returning items such as the Slingshot, Bow and Arrow, Bombs, Whip and a new item called the Beadle, which appears to be a controllable flying device.
    - Unlike Twilight Princess, the D-pad shown in the video and screenshots does not have items on it. This appears to mean that you only use one item at a time, similar to Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, having to press Start (+) in order to change your currently selected item. Nintendo has said repeatedly there will be fewer items for this title, but they be more useful and used more frequently.
    - Press the B button to switch between using your sword and using an item (since each use the Wii Motion Plus).
    - Swordplay is going to be more in-depth and strategy filled than any past Zelda title.

    -STORYLINE- (so far announced)

    Skyward Sword begins in a land above the clouds known as Skyloft, where Link lives. One day, he learns about a land below the clouds ruled by evil, the land of Hyrule. Through revelations and events in the story, Link goes to the land beneath the clouds.

    Link dives through the clouds, somehow making it to the land below. At some point he is to come across the Skyward Sword, an intelligent blade that can assume the form of a semi-human girl. The Skyward Sword allows Link to travel between Skyloft and Hyrule below.

    Throughout Link's journey, the sky will be very important, and the Skyward Sword shall become the Master Sword.

    -ITEMS- (so far announced)

    Master Sword
    - Link has more control over his sword in this adventure than ever before. By way of the Wii Motion Plus, the sword now can swing in whichever direction the player chooses, giving the experience of 1:1 swordplay. Often, this proves to be a very vital point in the game. Offensively, many enemies must be defeated by swinging the sword certain ways. Such is the case for Deku Babas, where Link must slash them in the way their mouth is open (either vertically or horizontally) to defeat them. Other enemies will try to cover parts of their body from attack, whereas Link will have to attack the revealed areas to defeat the enemy.

    -The sword also plays a key role in getting through doors. Certain doors will have an eye that will follow Link's sword as long as he is standing on a platform. Moving the sword in a circular motion will spin the eye around, causing a dizzying affect and allowing for the eye to be struck. Once destroyed, the doorway will be accessable to go through.

    Hylian Shield
    - The Shield is controlled using the Nunchuck attatchment. Link uses this to defend against attacking enemies slashing with their weapons or shooting projectiles at him, just as we have seen before. Additionally, Link can use his Shield to deflect items back at enemies by players moving the Nunchuck in a forward, thrusting motion, an example being reflecting rocks back at Octoroks when they shoot towards him.

    Bow and Arrow
    - Almost every Zelda title thus far has made use of the Bow and Arrow, and this one is no different. This time, Link can use his Bow for a much wider variety of uses than every before. With the Wii remote in the right hand, and the Nunchuck in the left, players will pull back the Nunchuck just like they are pulling back the string on a bow, holding the C button on the Nunchuck, and releasing to shoot an arrow. Normal enemies can be shot with the bow, as well as items being knocked off of trees and such. However, dropped items from enemies (such as hearts) can also be shot with the bow, causing them to stick in the side of walls. Apparently, by doing this, Link can reclaim his dropped heart as well as his arrow.

    - Since the Crossbow is also a rumored item, there is a possibility that Link will get the Bow and Arrow early on in his quest and then get the Crossbow at a later point in time.

    - Unlike the Bow in this game, the Slingshot only requires players to point and shoot with the Wii Remote. With this, the Slingshot isn't too different from the one we saw in Twilight Princess. Link will simply take aim at a target and shoot a projectile at it.

    - These classic items also return in Skyward Sword. Link can equip Bombs just as usual, though in this adventure, he has the ability to throw them overhead a desired distance, as well as rolling them across the ground. Depending on how far the Wii Remote is from the screen, the distance of the Bomb to be thrown is determined. Players will swing the Wii Remote overhead to sling a Bomb that way, and underhanded to roll it across the ground. Certain low-leveled holes in walls hide bombable items or switched behind them, where rolling a Bomb underneath is the only way to access.

    - A new item, only referred to as the "Beetle", gives Link the ability to grab from long distances away. Player will equip the Beetle and release it with a button, thus taking control of the item as it flies through the air. Players will be given a 3rd-person perspective from behind the Beetle as it flies, controlling its path with the Wii Remote. Flying into distant items, the Beetle will pick these up and return them to Link. However, running into a wall will knock the Beetle down, resulting in having to re-equip the Beetle and try again.

    - An item more recently added to the Zelda series with Spirit Tracks, the Whip makes a return to Skyward Sword. With the Wii Remote in hand, players can swing the whip in any direction, taking out a vast amount of grass to reveal rupies and other items. The Whip can also be use to grab these items and pull them back to Link by players actually making a "pulling towards" motion towards themselves. Enemies, such as Keese, can be defeated by the Whip. However, other, larger enemies can only be knocked back, open themselves up for a sword attack in any direction.

    Red Potion
    - Link's trusty medicine makes its return Skyward Sword. The potion is stored within a bottle and Link can drink it right in the midst of combat. When Link drinks red potion, several of his hearts are replenished.

    Left: Twilight Princess (2006) | Right: Skyward Sword (2011)

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    I cannot believe they started off the conference with Zelda.... and how cute is Miyamoto.. I wanted to glomp his cute little self haha. It's an interesting hybrid of the cell shaded graphics seen in Windwaker but also the 'realism' of Twilight Princess.... eek! It looks so fun and quirky, just a ...shame we have to wait til next year ¬¬ bloody Nintendo always delay Zelda games.

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    My god I cannot wait!! I shat bricks during the whole Nintendo press conference - it was absolutely amazing. The new Zelda will be amazing I already know. I really like the look of the game, how it's still got the look of realism, but it had more of an anime feel to it than Twilight Princess. I also like mechanics and controls for it. The wait will be worth it!

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    • Jan 5 2011, 6h20
    I can't wait to play it.

  • I'm dying just waiting for this game!

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    • Jun 17 2011, 3h09
    WHEN IS THIS EPICNESS COMING OUT? I'm dying for a release date!

  • I really want to play this game, but unfortunately, I don't have a Wii.

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