What did you think about Ruka's solo project?

  • What did you think about Ruka's solo project?

    Please let us all be sensible and educated. No fight.

    Each has their opinion then we will discuss them amicably. Ok? Let's go! (:

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  • I thing it's really wonderful decision!!!

    Maybe for Hakuei it's better, cuz he can't promote himself own!!!

    Let's hope for higher popularity for the band!!

  • I think that the sideproject bands are big chance to fans,to learn more about the artists and get deeper inside their heads :D

    Even if the band member write's all his headbands songs, still i believe that with a side project they have a possibility show little bit more themselfs and try something new what they don't dare to try yet. I think that it's more a good and instructive than bad thing.

    I have meet sometimes people who thinks that a side/solo project's are disrespectful and insulting to the headband. They have even stop "like" the bandplayer and keep him as a traitor and that's just sad. :/

    I can say, that i really like the Legendary six nine ^^
    And i think that is just a good way, to get his mind away from the Nightmare's pressures.

    Nightmare is doing good, so why not? :)

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