Reports of artists and songs that are wrongly "corrected"

    • Blotsian disse...
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    • Fev 7 2012, 13h37
    I'm not sure if this one has been mentioned before:
    Mortiferia needs to be flagged as the valid / correct artist name.
    It's now been incorrectly directed to another artist which has nothing to do with Mortiferia which is very annoying.

    Freedom is Music, Music is Life!
  • Another not sure if it has been mentioned one but Ricky James was a British rock n roll singer in the 1950s and should not be correcting to the totally unconnected Rick James.

  • A track from the soundtrack The Ghost and the Darkness by Jerry Goldsmith is wrongly corrected.
    The track is Remingron's Death, it should be "Remington's Death"

    Source: Discogs

    If the naming is based on Musicbrainz, they got it wrong too.

    • Progbear disse...
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    • Fev 18 2012, 20h51
  • Sorry I posted this in the wrong thread. Its been a while.

    The artist The Spears keeps getting redirected to Brittany Spears which is entirely unnecessary and must be being done as a joke.

  • Creem, hardcore band from Brooklyn is wrongly corrected to Cream

    The Breakout, a hardcore band from NJ is wrongly corrected to Breakout

    • iXuta disse...
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    • Mar 11 2012, 13h07
    Katie Herzog is wrongly corrected to Katie Herzig

    • Progbear disse...
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    • Mar 19 2012, 1h21
    Progbear said:

    INCORRECT: Wasting Yime
    CORRECT: Wasting Time

    Bump. I think the voting cache regarding this track got purged somehow. In any case, the Thoughts album is now in the Musicbrainz database, so it shouldn’t take much to fix this.

  • "John Cale – Stainless Steel Gamelan" is auto-incorrected to "John Cale – Stainless Steel Gamalan"

  • INCORRECT: 1. No bounds
    CORRECT: No Bounds

    INCORRECT: Cremaor
    CORRECT: Cremator

    How does this kind of thing keep happening?

    • Progbear disse...
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    • Abr 24 2012, 23h43
  • Incorrect auto-correction: Los Banditos is wrongly auto-corrected from the actual, correct artist Los Bandidos.

    I have provided evidence and references in the wiki sources and with the artist image.

    Thanks! :)


    should be Andrea Buffa, with a space.

  • Metroid Metal autocorrects to Stemage (Metroid Metal's artist page automatically redirects to Stemage), when the two are totally different projects by the same man. Metroid Metal is his Metroid cover project, Stemage is his original works. The official site puts the two under different names.

    Most of Minibosses' works corrects to The Minibosses. This is incorrect, the name has no "The", such as said by their myspace:

    EDIT: Thanks to m6wg4bxw, it turns out I was wrong on the Metroid Metal part. Minibosses' issue still stands though.

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  • Most of Minibosses' works corrects to The Minibosses. This is incorrect, the name has no "The", such as said by their myspace: nofollow=yes

    Another prove for "Minibosses" here:

    • Progbear disse...
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    • Mai 9 2012, 19h17
    INCORRECT: Manhattan Wibes
    CORRECT: Manhattan Vibes

    INCORRECT: Pop - Poem
    CORRECT: Pop-Poem

    Please fix!

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 10 2012, 12h28

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    • Mai 21 2012, 17h28

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    • mwalimu disse...
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    • Mai 22 2012, 14h43
    You'll probably get better results by posting to the following threads, since they are followed by admins (I don't think any admins follow this forum):

    For artists/titles where the only problem is in the capitalization, post them in changes the case of tags (incorrectly).

    For those that are incorrect other than in the capitalization, post them in Incorrect autocorrect.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 22 2012, 23h15

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    • Progbear disse...
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    • Mai 24 2012, 5h30
    • Progbear disse...
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    • Jun 1 2012, 19h06
    Ugh! WHY do people substitute an acute accent for an apostrophe?

    INCORRECT: Lamb´S Fry
    CORRECT: Lamb's Fry

    • Veinrot disse...
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    • Jun 2 2012, 10h46
    The industrial rock band 2wo is re-directed to the page Two. Even though the former spelling is correct.

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