Favorite TMBG song

    • skylinec disse...
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    • Ago 28 2006, 15h14

    Favorite TMBG song

    They Got Lost is up there and New York City (The first song I ever learned on the guitar).

  • [track]Doctor Worm[/track] because of the trumpetering!

  • Ana Ng because for a long time I had stopped listening to TMBG, and then randomly hearing this song is what ended up introducing me to TMBW.

    --• Danny •--
    • gviking disse...
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    • Set 7 2006, 20h03
    Either Till my head falls off or It's not my birthday. I love the wordplay.

    • AnaNG disse...
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    • Set 23 2006, 19h40
    Ana Ng, Don't Let's Start, Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes.

    • ZeroR disse...
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    • Out 15 2006, 5h47
    Why Does The Sun Shine? for now, I guess.

    • mattl disse...
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    • Out 22 2006, 22h35
    Has to be Rhythm Section Want Ad.

  • Youth Culture Killed My Dog. I've listened to it over 200 times... if not more. I Palindrome I's up there, too.

    ...Jon hates me because I like The Spine and hate pretty much John Henry onward (it was good at first...). Some TMBG fan/fan site admin I am.

    • navin disse...
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    • Out 25 2006, 6h54
    don't let's start is my favorite song of all time. so, yeah, that one.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 25 2006, 23h10
    Spiraling Shape, most definitely. It's great to begin with, and once it hits the third chorus with the vocal harmony it skyrockets to incredible status.

  • My two favourites as of now would have to be She's an Angel, and Another First Kiss. I was shocked to find both of these on their MySpace the other day.

    --• Danny •--
  • I Palindrome I...and Dont Lets Start

  • My TMBG songs are like my childrens! I love them all. But, if I had to play favorites...

    I suppose mine's either When It Rains It Snows, I Should Be Allowed to Think, Memo to Human Resources, or Leeds.

  • Tough call

    Pencil Rain never fails to make me happy.

    As my curser sat poised at the end of that sentence I thought of perhaps a dozen more that should be at the top of my list, and it only took a second or two. Deciding would take forever, so I guess I'll just say "all of them" and let Pencil Rain stay at the top since it's the first I typed :)

  • my favourite songs right now are Spiraling Shape (for obvious reasons... it rocks) Cyclops Rock and whistlin' in the Dark, not a lot of people seem to like Cyclops rock. My first TMBG CD was a users guide, and that was on it, so it's significant for me. Lots of others that are probably worth mentioning, but I'm not going to bother.

    Jade the Deranged Millionaire
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 20 2007, 22h09


    Dinner Bell is a favorite of mine.

  • The World's Address and Fingertips.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 12 2008, 7h00
    museum of idiots. ^^

  • mattl said:
    Has to be Rhythm Section Want Ad.

    I'm with you on that.

  • D Is For Drums

  • Metal Detector. Why is there so little love for Metal Detector?

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 6 2008, 19h44
    Um let's see there's
    -The biggest one
    -Mrs. train
    -Window (probably the one I listen to the most)
    -Operators are standing by
    -The bells are ringing (haha, I almost wrote "balls" instead of "bells"
    -Hideaway folk family
    -Cage and aquarium

    yeah most people are in disappointment that something like particle man or birdhouse or ana ng aren't on my list. I got to the point that I listened to those songs so many times that I got a little tired of them

  • Kiss Me, Son of God is so awesome. You can just get up from your seat and sing along to it!

  • I Should Be Allowed To think is up there...Damn Good Times, Drink!, Snail Shell, Ana Ng, Birdhouse In Your Soul and NO! are too.

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