• Super-awesome charts for whenever you want

    Fev 23 2008, 15h30 por aradnuk

    For whatever reason, LastFM doesn't allow you to give two dates and see a chart of what you listened to in that time, so I made it instead. For example, this is my chart for 2006. It's quite cool poking about with different dates and seeing how your taste has changed through months and years.

    If you want to do the same with your data, go here, stick your username in the box and wait for everything to be collected. You have to do this if you want your data updated too.

    Some people seem to have a few corrupted weeks, for example this should be one for lbf but an artist has become '??t?Ê?¤?Õ'. Not sure what I can do about that. If you get any errors, report them back here or PM me and I'll see if they can be fixed. (It'll tell you of an error the first time you make a chart but if you're loading one that's been cached then you won't get the notice.)

    The rest is self-explanatory. Oh, dates must be in the format dd-mm-yyyy. And numitems is the number of artists to display in the chart.

    Enjoy :-)
  • Suzanne Vega live in "Noc s Andelem" on Czech TV

    Out 14 2006, 17h37 por peterwe

    Exactly a week ago Suzanne was in the night music/talking show called "Noc s Andelem" (Night with Angel -where Angel is the surname of the host), it was live broadcasted on second state channel CT2.
    We were able to see a few live performance by her with bassguitarist Mike Visceglia -georgeous IMHO. Also an interview with the host and few questions from audience sent via email or SMS. This interview was not so intesting though.

    Details here: