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  • Incubus - Under My Umbrella.

    sorry, sakmandemainman. you know how i just can't get into incubus. crap lyrics. a sound like maroon 5 trying to be angry. just everything about it is wrong, sorry bud. you get this:


    the 2 is because they don't use drum machines. and the .57 is because i like your hair. and your dress.

    • sakmaz disse...
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    • Jul 16 2008, 14h28
    Angus & Julia Stone – Mango Tree

    welllll, i wish there was anything bad i could say


    nice one

    (i would like to say that i take full credit for this song, but i wont say it)

    heavy horse
  • revived!

    Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Feeling of Gaze

    not bad, feels like it kinda drags on a bit.... the kinda song thats good if you're in the mood.. and i'm part way there so lets say


    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 25 2008, 3h20
    pete murray, smile... : )

    I dont like pete murray, fullstop. Some middle of the road aussie crooner loved by fanbase of middle aged career orientated women.. boring! I mean, pete can't even sing, he makes no attempt to project his voice, he tries to convey a soft and gentile persona by feable whispering but it merely betrays his inability to produce proper vocals. I'd much rather hear someone tear their tonsels and shred their larynx with some perverted deep throat groweling. possibly the worst act at the East Coast Blues and Roots in Byron EVER (apart from ZZ Tops of course).

    no offence Spoon but I really dont like Pete

    2, for the title only. smile.... : )

  • Tom Waits - What's He Building?

    brilliant song, something only tom waitsfornoman can pull off. i read an interview with someone and they said that they went to visit tom's house and when they opened the fridge there was only a crowbar in there hahaha

    the man's a genius. and this song has that neighbourly voyeur paranoia down. love it.



    • sakmaz disse...
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    • Set 29 2008, 12h02
    Queens of the Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu

    Harharhaharhar....the ONE song that convinced me that QOTSA just frrraaakn rules.

    you win, i give this an awesome 9.5/10

    heavy horse
  • Ziggy Marley - Be Free

    gotta love the ziggy. he looks and sounds just like his dad, and maybe he doesn't have the same lyrical depth, but he stills knows how to put together a tune... 'love is my religion' is a great track from this album, and i still think it would make a killer bumper sticker. i'm gonna paste it all over the west bank wall.

    you get a 7.83/10. not bad.

  • been too long - shmeckie again...

    Xavier Rudd - Green Spandex

    pants song title notwithstanding, this is a great tune. only thing is, i used to have a flatmate who had this tune as his and his missus sweaty moment tune. if you know what i mean. which brings forth all kinds of odious memories. so you'll have to settle for:


    still not too bad, schmeckster, you twisted fucker.

    • sakmaz disse...
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    • Jan 6 2009, 8h14
    Manu Chao – Bongo Bong

    dude, what a fucking brilliant song.

    i give it 10!

    yes, 10!


    this tune is gorgeous and i've loved it since forever and there really isnt a tune so fucking groovy. you go, forehead man, show 'em!

    heavy horse
  • bedouin- wall fall down

    very very enjoyable band. sort of a let down. Expected you to have something random at the top of the playlist. More of a gyasi fan myself. I also think that if I had to pick the one song of theirs that sounded the most boy bandy, walls fall down would be it. But, thats not to say some times I dont dig a little Backstreet Boys in my life. Scratch that, I sound dated. Make that Jonas brothers.

    "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards"-- LC
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 27 2009, 0h17
    Xavier Rudd – Land Rights

    i remember a past blues n roots festival i was keen to see Keb Mo play (again). Half way through Keb's set Xavier began playing on another distant stage. He was doing his didgeridoo thing and droning out Keb... all Keb could say in equally deep and resonate tone : "whoa, someone is playing a low note". Ever since I've always poured scorn on ol Xavier Fudd.

    But this is unfair cos he is pretty fucking cool, following J Butler's footsteps with his own signiture style, excellent fun live and a poignant song to play this Australia Day.


    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 27 2009, 4h33
    I'm still callin him a dick though

  • Django Reinhardt - Farewell Blues

    old man gypsy django and his lost fingers should be made into a decent movie for once, i'd wanna see daniel day-lewis as django. you get the


    for picking the gypsy man. well done.

    • cool301 disse...
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    • Mar 16 2009, 13h48
    Private Lawns - Angus & Julia Stone

    Lovely relaxing sound. Angus' voice together with the soft, almost childish sound of Julia makes this couple great. Allthough i prefer this song on sunday mornings rather than monday's, ill go for a


  • the Cure- Never enough

    Well The Cure is a Classic band and the song is not one of their most popular songs however, it is still the cure so for that you get a 7. and for the song choice you get a .35 because its almost there, but not quite premium.


    - crazyfastskills
    • Jeekabs disse...
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    • Fev 1 2010, 12h36
    Numb by Portishead

    Portishead is great, although I better prefer Massive Attack. Numb is deep track and I like that heavy and melancholy beat as well.


    Your potential is infinite, be wise, visualize.
  • Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

    Dont know the track, but massive attack are a prefect soundtrack for winter latvia, methinks. snowfall, vodka, a fat spliff and Massive Attack sounds like a killer combo to me.

    8.13 / 10

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