Different drugs for different genres

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    • Jan 25 2012, 20h22

    Different drugs for different genres

    Jazz definitely goes better with opiates, which changes the brainwaves somehow and makes one more receptive to the genre. And once you've appreciated Jazz through an opiate haze, you'll always get it whether you're stoned or not.

    Everything goes better with Acid, particularly anything with a droning instrument, like sitars and the like. Also, Arabic, Gambus and assorted music from Islamic cultures are very much enhanced while on psychedelics.

    Barbiturates enhance Goth and Black Sabbath type heavy metal. Also songs of the "Blue Velvet" variety and from that era are helped a lot too. Sniffing glue or toluene terrifically enhances these genres. Speedballs are good too.

    Speed is great for 40's and 50's Rockabilly and certain Country/Western, like Spade Cooley. Great stuff to listen to on your way to commit a hold up of some sort.

    Marijuana with an LSD chaser is really good for fucking, but that's really not germane to the subject here, so I won't go into it.

    But all music with honesty and integrity is great whether you're straight or stoned.

    Well... That's it. That's my take on drugs and music.

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