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Wanted to create a great group with a really wide variety of music&people. So this is IT! Anyone is welcome. Let's see how many different interests we can get. yes? Join--make us happy.

Welcome to our group!
Oh, and unlike some may think, we are not all star-crossed, nor are we all necessarily in a relationship... (just clearing confusion)

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Last week...
The artist that tied for 191st place (at the bottom of the charts) with 14 listeners was:
Madina Lake

Who says the losers have to lose?

Our bottom of the list (which doesn't make it bad) track, tied for 152nd, with 8 listens is...:
You Me at Six's - The Truth Is a Terrible Thing

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star-crossed (stärkrôst’) adj. destined to an unhappy fate; sure to end up in misfortune; unlucky
"Star-crossed lovers" refers to lovers whose relationships is doomed to fail from the start.
The phrase was originally used in astrology, as they believed that stars control the human destiny, and is best known from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.

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