your STACIE'S favourite song is ...

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jun 10 2006, 19h49

    your STACIE'S favourite song is ...

    :D ...

    I love stuck, more to life and ..

    I believe that i love all Stacie's songs :P jajajaja

  • The song that made me fall in love with her is "Stuck" but I also LOVE "I Promise" :D

    • brand929 disse...
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    • Jul 12 2006, 22h41
    I Promise is my favorite too, it's such a great song!

    • brand929 disse...
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    • Jul 12 2006, 22h42
    I Promise is my favorite too, it's such a great song!

    • tim_e disse...
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    • Ago 23 2006, 18h34
    1. I'm not missing you
    2. Stuck
    3. Instead
    4. More to Life

  • I love "Confidant", "Genuine", "O Holy Night", "Maybe I Won't Look Back", annnd "Save Me". But "Confidant" is my all-time fave even though that is the song that she absolutely hates. lol

  • Strong Enough, Hesitation, Instead, and More to Life.

    also Ride, Stay True, and Dear Friend

  • The first song I ever listened from Stacie was off course Stuck. That was the song when I felt in love with Stacie :). So yeah, that's absolutely one of my favourites. Then we have More To Live and I'm Not Missing You from her last album. I also like Dear Friend, the song that comes with her same-titled book.

    • jushaphy disse...
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    • Jan 27 2007, 12h42
    OMGush.. SO SIMPLE.. as simple as it is! o_0

    • YASSIIEE disse...
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    • Abr 8 2007, 20h01
    stuck =)

    • catmince disse...
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    • Abr 30 2007, 0h43


    Stuck and So Simple.

    • halem disse...
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    • Jul 11 2007, 11h46
    It Is Me, Stuck , More To Life , I Promie, I'm Not Missing You and my love - I Could Be The One

    • staywizu disse...
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    • Jan 29 2008, 13h20
    <3 I promise , strong enough :)

  • Hey

    1.- So simple

    2.- I´m not missing U

    3.- THer´s gotta be more to life


    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 22 2009, 17h12
    Is It Me, Save Me

    • Yamih disse...
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    • Abr 20 2009, 21h25
    "Stuck" ♥ in first place :D ... then "I'm Not Missing You", "Instead" and "More To Life"

  • Maybe I won't look back & With a little faith!! my favorites

    Mariel Pop
    • DeeLohan disse...
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    • Fev 17 2010, 3h47
    So simple

    I´m not missing U

  • who can choose just one favorite? I love them all!

    Can't Give It Up, Confidant, So Pray, Dear Friend, Genuine, More to Life, Bounce Back, Instead, I Promise, Strong Enough, So Simple, Beautiful Awakening...and everything on the Christmas Wish cd...goodness almost every single track from every album!!!

    C'est la vie
  • My Fave song from her right now is Brush em Off

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