• New Release: Jerry Goldsmith's GHOST AND THE DARKNESS, THE (2CD) by INTRADA!!!

    Mai 4 2015, 21h22 por wOoDy__

    Wow! Spectacular 2-CD presentation showcases Jerry Goldsmith at his most exciting, evocative best. Intense, flavorful, stirring! The Ghost And The Darkness soundtrack is all that and more. Stephen Hopkins directs Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer with famed screenwriter William Goldman on board to chronicle riveting true story of 1898 British bridge-building site in Tsavo region of Kenya turned terrifying nightmare, courtesy two ferocious man-eating lions that claimed more than one hundred lives - apparently for sport. Terror on an epic scale, presented by Paramount Pictures and Constellation Films. Described to composer as Lawrence Of Arabia meets Jaws, Jerry Goldsmith anchored his melodies in feel of classic David Lean epics, then crossed them with some of his most ferocious low brass action motifs ever. The result is a massive work both richly melodic, frighteningly aggressive. Original 1996 Hollywood label album offered just 12 selections from Goldsmith's score plus five African vocals by The Worldbeaters under George Acogny's direction. Now premiering in this packed 2-CD set are all of Goldsmith's cues, including 70-minutes of score appearing in the film plus wealth of alternates assembled by Goldsmith and engineer Bruce Botnick to accommodate post production changes. Numerous cues were recorded, then re-recorded, then worked again with complex layers of native voice, electronics, percussion over orchestra to yield still further revisions. Voices in some cues were hushed and subdued under the orchestra, then revisited to yield voices with startling emphasis and clarity. Sometimes layers of electronics were recorded anew to add further density, other times they were peeled away to create leaner takes. Changes are both subtle, profound - and all of them appear in this generous set! Some 100 minutes of incredible music are followed by the original album release in its entirety, which interestingly features yet further altered mixes and performances of nearly every scoring cue, resulting in more than two hours total of epic Goldsmith. Previously unreleased sequences abound. Highlights include splendor and excitement of "Over There", "One Shot", "First Kill", riveting action of "John's Nightmare", "First Kill", harrowing suspense of "The Trap", "The Cave" and many others. Major spotlight goes to complete nearly 10-minute finale of score that climaxes with premiere release of Goldsmith's "revised" coda featuring resounding fortissimo major chords that play just prior to end credit crawl. A magnificent, triumphant finish! Entire 2-CD set presented in dynamic stereo from original digital scoring session mixes made by Bruce Botnick. Notes by Jeff Bond plus vivid graphic design by Joe Sikoryak complete this essential addition to any Goldsmith library. One of the composer's finest! Jerry Goldsmith conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!

    CD 1
    01. Opening Title (Tall Grass)* (1:03)
    02. Train To Catch (2:01)
    03. First Time** (4:01)
    04. Over There* (0:56)
    05. One Shot* (1:34)
    06. The Claws – Revised [Alternate]* (3:54)
    07. Mahina’s Death [Alternate]* (0:48)
    08. The Funeral* (0:45)
    09. The Wall** (1:31)
    10. Starling’s Death [Alternate]* (5:56)
    11. The Lions Reign (2:39)
    12. Near Miss* (1:23)
    13. Prepare For Battle** (4:33)
    14. You’ve Been Hit** (3:23)
    15. Preparations – Revised [Alternate]* (1:38)
    16. The Trap [Alternate]* (2:00)
    17. Lions Attack* (5:33)
    18. The Cave*+ (4:14)
    19. After You* (0:44)
    20. The Baboon [Alternate]* (0:41)
    21. First Kill [Alternate]* (2:44)
    22. John’s Nightmare* (1:23)
    23. Remington’s Death (2:30)
    24. Final Attack – Revised* (2:49)
    25. Welcome to Tsavo #2 – Revised** (9:50)
    Total Score Time: 69:33

    The Extras (Unused Mixes and Alternates Part 1
    26. Tall Grass [Original]*+ (1:03)
    27. The Claws – Revised*+ (2:56)
    28. Mahina’s Death [Original]*+ (0:48)
    29. The Box Car [Unused Insert]*+ (0:29)
    30. The Box Car [Original]*+ (0:57)
    31. Near Miss [Alternate]*+ (0:27)
    32. Stand Off [Original]*+ (2:12)
    The Extras Part 1 Time: 9:04
    CD 1 Total Time: 78:43

    CD 2 The Extras - Unused Mixes and Alternates Part 2
    01. Starling’s Death [Original]*+ (5:57)
    02. The Thicket [Original]*+ (3:29)
    03. Preparations [Original]*+ (1:34)
    04. The Trap [Original]*+ (2:00)
    05. The Baboon [Original]*+ (0:41)
    06. First Kill [Original]*+ (2:40)
    07. First Kill [With Extension]*+ (2:38)
    08. Welcome To Tsavo #2 [Original]+ (2:53)
    The Extras Part 2 Time: 22:09

    Original 1996 Soundtrack Album
    09. Theme From The Ghost And The Darkness (2:11)
    10. The Bridge (4:09)
    11. Catch A Train (2:02)
    12. Lions Attack (5:18)
    13. First Time (2:00)
    14. Starling’s Death (5:57)
    15. Lions Reign (2:40)
    16. Preparations (2:46)
    17. Remington’s Death (2:31)
    18. Prepare For Battle (2:00)
    19. Final Attack (2:53)
    20. Welcome To Tsavo (4:59)
    21. Hamara Haath (“Our Hands Unite”) (3:05)
    22. Dueling Chants, Part 1: “Jungal Bahar” (3:20)
    23. Safari Ya Bamba (“Journey To Bamba”) (2:32)
    24. Terere Obande (2:42)
    25. Iye Oyeha (2:13)
    Total Album Time: 53:29
    CD 2 Total Time: 75:44

    *Previously Unreleased
    **Contains Music Previously Unreleased
    +Not in Film
  • Release of Two Lyn Murray Soundtracks TO CATCH A THIEF / THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI

    Fev 10 2014, 22h43 por wOoDy__

    World premiere release of two Lyn Murray soundtracks for Paramount films starring Grace Kelly. First on docket is colorful score for 1955 Alfred Hitchcock classic To Catch A Thief with Cary Grant alongside Kelly in exciting mystery of former jewel thief now suspected of new robbery. His subsequent pursuit of real thief forms basis of tale. Murray plays to lighter aspect of picture for opening music, then takes off with stars on their picturesque chase. Moments for romance, humor have their say as well. Second score is brief, albeit dramatic score for 1954 Mark Robson film The Bridges At Toko-Ri, set during Korean conflict with WWII veteran William Holden being recalled into active duty, reluctantly parting with wife Kelly to pursue duties on aircraft carrier headed for battle. Mickey Rooney, Earl Holliman lend sensational support. Stunning picture plays through then brings trio of soldiers together for finale that packs a wallop. Murray anchors with powerful music for wartime locale, then launches into carrier motif for low brass. Unobtrusive score selections play momentarily, then Murray wraps with dynamic fortissimo coda. Powerful major-key finish! Following score are source pieces heard throughout film. Both scores presented in mono from Paramount digital protection copies in beautiful condition. All cues available on master tapes are included, with bulk of each score present including all major set pieces. Two dynamic sides of this under-represented now available at last! Lyn Murray conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!
  • CalatrilloZ - A Glimpse At A Fool's Destiny review metal 2014

    Jan 29 2014, 18h01 por fabrykamagazine

    CalatrilloZ - A Glimpse At A Fool's Destiny (song review) |self-released, single, 2014| 5/5 metal neo-classical opera

    Founded in UK in 2009, CalatrilloZ quintet offers much more than just heavy metal music. Their songs are composed around a tale entitled The Marionette's Theatre. Their live performances include special outfits, make up and stage design as well.
    The CalatrilloZ' line-up consists of Zahyin (Mr. Z), Mobius (bass), Count Viktor (guitar), Azriel (guitar) and Mattias (drums). Diverse musical inspirations such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rush or Tool enrich their music with many flavors.

    With the newest track, "A Glimpse At A Fool's Destiny", CalatrilloZ prove they're extremely talented and well educated musicians. Not only do they play instruments very well but also write professional metal opera compositions.
    The song describes a one way trip to Hell, where an evil boy named Johnny is to suffer eternally due to the wrong choices he had made, as explained in a verse: "Hell is a place we all go / If you walk on the wrong side / Forever you shall remain (…) And now that you’ve seen where this path may lead you / Are you ready to choose between right or left?" If you read between the lines, a bit of politics may be at play here, as well. Johnny is one of many bad people to share the punishment along with "backstabbers, thieves, murderers, greed pigs, rapists", as listed in the song.

    The overall dynamics brought by a fast paced mix of drums, guitars and bass are accented with Zahyin’s high voice. You'll hear many spots where his full vocal scale is exposed. The tempo slows down or speeds up where necessary throughout the composition, creating a specific, tense atmosphere. Various well-matched arrangements are brilliantly connected through smooth bridges. They easily manage to keep one's mind continuously occupied with every new part of the track. The mood is definitely epic, thanks to diverse and uplifting instrumental motifs.

    It's a complex symphonic composition, where metal & progressive rock influences are splashed with abstract art. To me, this song is begging for a music video. It could be a production in the vein of David Lynch’s (or Marilyn Manson’s) video work - based on contrasts, absurd, horror, irony and distorted reality. I can see a circus arena rather than a opera hall, filled with opulent decorations, uncanny items, memorable outfits and lively supernatural characters - all wrapped in fiery colors mixed with sepia or black. The band themselves surely have a best visual concept for this on their minds.
    Whether or not Jesus Christ Superstar is the most famous work that kind, the next piece about Lucifer may become even more successful with CalatrilloZ' involvement.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, January 28th, 2014. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)
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  • John Williams - The Book Thief (Sound Clips). Release date: 11 November 2013

    Nov 8 2013, 3h36 por wOoDy__


    Sony Music is proud to announce the release of renowned composer John Williams’ original motion picture soundtrack of The Book Thief, a moving film by Brian Percival based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Markus Zusak. The Book Thief tells the inspirational story of a spirited and courageous young girl who transforms the lives of everyone around her when she is sent to live with a foster family in World War II Germany. The film stars Academy Award®-winner Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech), and Emily Watson (Breaking the Waves). The young Canadian Sophie Nélisse takes on the role of their adoptive daughter Liesel.

    The original score was written by composer John Williams, whose work includes some of the best-known film music of all time including all of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, the first three Harry Potter films, Jaws, Superman, E.T., Schindler’s List, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Memoirs of a Geisha, Lincoln and Jurassic Park. He’s earned five Academy Awards, four Golden Globe® Awards, seven BAFTA Awards and an astonishing 21 Grammy Awards®. His total of 48 Academy Award® nominations to date makes him the Academy’s most-nominated living person, an achievement surpassed only by Walt Disney. In addition to music for the movies, Williams has written numerous concert works, and served as the Music Director of the Boston Pops Orchestra for fourteen seasons.

    The touching story of The Book Thief gave Williams a wonderful canvas for original music, and an opportunity to demonstrate his mastery of intimate orchestral composition, including many wonderful solo instrumental textures. The soundtrack opens with a plaintive and haunting solo piano passage in the track “One Small Fact”. The lyrical third track, New Parents and a New Home, again features piano with sweeping strings. Upbeat and lively pieces such as The Snow Fight and Foot Race add lightness and a playful exuberance to the score. For a key scene in the movie, the track Book Burning contributes dark, threatening, discordant notes, while Max and Liesel, underscoring the girl’s relationship with the young Jewish man her foster parents are hiding, has a tender, slow oboe melody. In Learning to Write Williams selected the cello for an introductory solo. Towards the end of the soundtrack, Max Lives is a joyful piece that releases tension, followed by a serene finale and a summing-up of the whole in the final track, The Book Thief. The subtlety of the compositions and Williams’ ability to conjure complex emotions are evident throughout this extraordinary score.

    Two recent film soundtrack releases by Williams, Lincoln and War Horse, produced strong sales on the Sony Classical label. The quality of the movie The Book Thief and of its superb, moving original score, leaves no doubt that this release, scheduled will also find a wide and enthusiastic audience.


    1. “One Small Fact”
    2. The Journey to Himmel Street
    3. New Parents and a New Home
    4. Ilsa’s Library
    5. The Snow Fight
    6. Learning to Read
    7. Book Burning
    8. “I Hate Hitler!”
    9. Max and Liesel
    10. The Train Station
    11. Revealing the Secret
    12. Foot Race
    13. The Visitor at Himmel Street
    14. Learning to Write
    15. The Departure of Max
    16. “Jellyfish”
    17. Rescuing the Book
    18. Writing to Mama
    19. Max Lives
    20. Rudy is Taken
    21. Finale
    22. The Book Thief

  • 13 Shadows - Descend review rock female vocalist

    Jul 27 2013, 8h47 por fabrykamagazine

    13 Shadows - Descend (song review) |self-released, 13 Shadows, 2012| 5/5

    13 Shadows is a musical project ran by singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist and producer Denise Donahue. The New Yorker wrote, arranged and co-produced all the songs on her self-titled debut album released in 2012. Apparently, it is available in 2 versions - with 9 or 10 songs on the tracklist (with "Tangle of Thorns" as a bonus on the longer version) but it depends if you look up Bandcamp or iTunes/Amazon stores. For this review, let’s focus on "Descend".

    In the beginning, an excellent mix of a sentimental piano and an organic (wind) instrument will lead you into the song’s atmosphere. The dreamy mood brings an unspoilt mysticism so if you're on the lookout for a background tune for practical purposes, this one may go along well with fantasy themes to illustrate movies, animations, interactive websites as well as audio-books. The song also has an epic feel thanks to its slow tempo and spots of rising tension. Therefore, listening to "Descend" is as pleasurable as watching a calm ocean tide lick the sand off a shore.

    The composition is quite flexible, mostly adjusted to the vocals which play a role as major as the piano in the song. Denise’s angelic, crystal clear and peaceful voice immediately attracts the listener’s attention and is definitely her secret weapon. If you like female vocalists who don't growl like Shamaya of Otep but rather bring a more traditional female element into music then you'll definitely love Denise's performance in this track.

    The track was labelled as 'gothic' due to its sublime, almost Victorian style. However, some of the effects used for the vocal parts are usually utilized in contemporary pop music, so defining the genre of the song may not be that easy. Regardless of that, it becomes memorable after the very first listening. The repeating phrases "On and on and on I've left these feelings unresolved, On and on and on I kept believing, But I can't repair this broken vow" easily hook into the listener's mind and give "Descend" a big chance at becoming a popular hit.

    The song production is of very high quality. It emphasizes the most valuable aspects of the mood, vocals, electronic backgrounds (such as the cold, whistling sound of wind sampled at the end of the track) and piano arrangements.

    Undoubtedly, 13 Shadows belong to those DIY bands that should get both the interest and the support of major labels. Denise has done a great job on her own with her music, so increased exposure could improve the album sales while her songs are still fresh.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, July 25th, 2013. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper Dziewoński)
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  • SLOWtheIMPACT - Pleasantly Amused alt-rock review

    Jul 4 2013, 17h05 por fabrykamagazine

    SLOWtheIMPACT - Pleasantly Amused (song review) |self-released, ...and Those We've Left Behind, 2012| 4/5

    Slowtheimpact began as a solo project of Steve Cockayne (guitar, vocals) in Portland, OR in 2007. Presently, the band is a quintet - the line-up includes Amy Smith (keyboard/back vocals), Zach Barnum (bass/vocals), Brad Buttram (guitar) and Mark Matocha (drums).
    The newly released "Pleasantly Amused" track comes from their 3rd album entitled ...and Those We've Left Behind. It starts off with vocals and bass bringing about the flavour of old school goth music (for instance The Cure).

    As for the main theme, "Pleasantly Amused" is a love song. The lyrics talk about missing a partner when spending time away from one another and the desire to meet again. The band shows a lot of experience in handling the subject matter of saving or improving a relationship under such duress. This song may work really well for teenagers and 20-something couples who most often fall into a turbulent love life head-first.

    Musically, from the very beginning, the bass builds a solid but dynamic core of the track, enriched with drums and keyboards later on. The bass line sounds simple and quite typical for 80s goth rock music. "Pleasantly Amused" doesn't bring along any dramatic moods, though your ear may detect a bit of impatience or even anxiety. A balanced share of instrumental parts, including peaceful guitars together with lightly accented drums make the whole a rather ear-friendly composition. Repeating arrangements and vocals easy enough to sing along work really well for the track, giving it a strong hit potential. The musicians play their parts very well and Steve's neat voice matches the overall mood of the song. Everything falls into place without stirring unexpected controversies within the song. Furthermore, it’s evident that considerable production, mixing and mastering skill were employed to polish the track, something that’s usually a problem for many self-sufficient bands.

    Still, aside all this alternative-pop-rock compositional correctness, "Pleasantly Amused" lacks a bit more of an original approach, a touch of spirit to drag and shake the listener. Since a lot of listeners prefer a familiar sounding vibe, it should not be a big problem in terms of the band's success, though.
    The song is as easy-listening as memorable, and one can definitely imagine "Pleasantly Amused" in movie trailers, commercials or popular radio playlists. The length of the track (almost 4 minutes) and its easy to adapt structure (thanks to repetitions) perfectly supports such purposes.

    It should be also noted that SLOWtheIMPACT seems to be doing a good promotional job for their new, independently released album. They have an interestingly designed official website and frequently updated social profiles, which you should definitely visit. The song is available for purchase from the majority of popular digital distributors and the band also offers various merchandise in their own store.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, July 2nd, 2013. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)
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  • Sergey Rybytskyy - Soul's Reflection album review metal

    Jun 27 2013, 14h11 por fabrykamagazine

    Sergey Rybytskyy - Soul's Reflection |self-released/AMAdea Music, Soul's Reflection, 2012| 5/5

    1. Deliverance 2:21
    2. Profound Influence 3:46
    3. New Vista 6:26
    4. Battle 3:54
    5. Chameleon 3:20

    A collection of the best instrumental songs released by Ukrainian composer Sergey Rybytskyy brings an excellent heavy load of and music. Fabulous arrangements make it a recognizable release thanks to Sergey's technical and songwriting skills.

    There's a lot to be found within the songs - dynamics and poetry, aggression and passion. The collection begins with "Deliverance" - fast paced hard rock drum beats build up a solid sonic spine for spiritually uplifting guitar riffs. By turns, higher and lower riffs shoot the song into your ears like a Uzi submachine gun. In fact, listening to this track makes one imagine a philharmonic with a pianist instead of a guitar player, performing a fiery-yet-epic classical composition, surrounded by people in very formal attire. It’s the same kind of music you may have heard from Dream Theater but also Apocalyptica - this time, it’s all made by one man.

    The second track rolls off like a famous primadonna walking along a red carpet, all eyes fixed on her. All this due to the slow, vibrating guitar riffs with interesting background synths embedded into the composition. The riffs of "Profound Influence" eventually turn into a high-tuned cannonade (thanks to the generous application of guitar fingering) which may also be reminiscent 8-bit Atari or Commodore music hailing from the era of 80s video games (and involving loads of shooting lasers).

    "New Vista", on the other hand, is loaded with a progressive rock feel. Solo riffs mix with a rhythm guitar and drums, eventually enriched by synth passages. Not only does this song fit nicely into any progressive music collection, but it also has hit potential. The song is the longest of the release, with some repetitive arrangements. As a dynamic and complex piece, it may be favoured by fans of such bands as Van Halen, Asia, Yes, Alan Parsons or Pink Floyd.

    Some of Sergey's tracks had been already chosen for film and TV licensing. Unsurprisingly, since most of his work refers to motion and action. Speaking of which, "Battle" is very faithful to its title. It's pure combat between piercing solos, matching synths and solid background arrangements based on a running rhythm of drums. There's no place for breaks or hesitation here - just a crazy ride. If you like visualizing music, you may imagine two opposite mobs of medieval warriors with fierce expressions, galloping on their horses at each other, brandishing their weapons at the enemies.

    The final track - "Chameleon" - begins slowly, with a regal style and grace, eventually turning into an invasive, psychodelic trip. Bizarre, circus-like synth arrangements and slightly distorted guitars should keep your focus nailed to the track’s progression.

    Soul's Reflection is an interesting collection regardless whether you're already a fan of the genres mentioned above or just looking around to discover a new talented guitar player. The album is available for purchase through a variety of retailers online. Don’t forget to let Sergey know what you think of his music and leave your feedback at one of his social sites.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, June 12th, 2013. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)
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  • New Release: John Williams' THE FURY: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET)

    Mar 23 2013, 0h58 por wOoDy__



    La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Sony Music are proud to present the expanded and remastered 2-CD reissue of renowned composer John Williams' (JAWS, STAR WARS, SCHINDLER'S LIST, LINCOLN) original motion picture score to the 1978 Twentieth Century Fox supernatural chiller THE FURY, starring Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes and Amy Irving, and directed by Brian DePalma. One of John Williams' finest scores gets an upgrade from the previous Varese release, with a running time of more than an hour and fifty minutes and improved, stunning sound (especially on Disc 2, the original soundtrack album). Disc One contains the film score and bonus tracks, while Disc 2 houses the reamastered orginal soundtrack album. Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino, produced for Sony Music by Didier C. Deutsch and mastered by Dan Hersch, this special limited edition of 3500 units features exclusive liner notes from film music writer Julie Kirgo. A must for all film music enthusiasts!



    Main Title 2:06
    Out of the Water :42
    The Train Wreck :39
    Thru the Alley :52
    The Fog Scene 2:36
    Hester's Theme & The House 2:23
    For Gillian 1:51
    Vision on the Stairs 3:41
    Hester Eavesdropping 1:09
    TV Surveillance 1:15
    Gillian's Vision 4:23
    The Conspiracy 1:25
    Coming Down the Stairs 4:32
    Death on a Carousel 2:29
    Gillian's Escape 5:46
    Remembering Robin 2:07
    Before Dinner 1:09
    Approaching the House 2:05
    Lifting Susan 4:29
    The Fall 1:15
    Father Meets Son 4:06
    Gillian's Power 1:41
    End Cast 2:46
    Bonus Tracks:
    Chicago Street (source)* 1:41
    More Bubble Gum (source)* 1:52
    Hold You (source)* 1:50
    I'm Tired (source)* 1:53
    Wild ARPH :26
    ARP ThemeH :42
    Bed SceneH :27
    Calliope Waltz* 1:35
    Calliope Goes Wild /
    Death on a Carousel* 1:57
    DISC ONE TIME: 68:26


    Main Title 3:07
    For Gillian 2:37
    Vision on The Stairs 4:03
    Hester's Theme and The House 4:28
    Gillian's Escape 6:11
    The Search for Robin 2:37
    Gillian's Vision 3:56
    Death on the Carousel and End Titles 8:20
    Epilogue 4:37
    Bonus Track:
    Death on the Carousel (original version) 2:47
    DISC TWO TIME: 43:38
    TOTAL TWO-DISC TIME: 1:50:54
    * Previously Unreleased
  • Closure - Closure EP post-rock review 2012

    Jan 26 2013, 11h47 por fabrykamagazine

    Closure - Closure EP |self-released, 2012| 4/5
    Genre: post-rock

    01. Closure - Assertion [05:05]
    02. Closure - Tonight [04:18]
    03. Untitled I [03:41]
    04. Untitled II [04:00]
    05. Aspect Deletion - Per Year (Closure RMX) [04:15]

    What is it that describes natural beauty the best? There are many features you would list, but undoubtedly it's an intriguing balance with simplicity hidden behind the appeal and grace of a first impression. This description is exactly the feeling you may experience while listening to the debut EP by a one man German post-rock project named Closure that was founded by Carl Albrecht in 2010.

    The most important thing about an average human brain is that it likes simple, repetitive tunes. Although, if they're too simple, the ears get bored. Therefore, a musician's ability to create unique atmospheres means a lot. These aspects will influence the way a listener perceives a selection of tunes as well as the harmonic or dis-harmonic melodies it's made from. Closure ventured towards composing hallucinatory music which will interact with your natural brainwaves very well. The debut EP was released in 2012. It includes four instrumental songs recorded, programed and arranged by Carl as well as a remix he did for the band Aspect Deletion. Although Carl is the sole recording artist on the EP, he plans to include a live bassist and drummer to perform the music of Closure in concert.

    The opening song, "Assertion" initially brings challenging, yet soothing moods. After a while, it gains more passion due to repetitive arrangements based on dirty guitars, drums and bass. The overall atmosphere which advances with a bit of a tension may put a listener into an unexpected, addictive trance.

    "Tonight" reflects the composer's view on a type of night many of us are familiar with: dreamy, harmonious, peaceful and sensual. It's usually like that unless you deal with a sleep disorder, tooth ache or generally speaking, got sick. The track doesn't miss dense accents though, many of which were expressed by rhythmic, grungy guitar riffs similar to those from "Assertion", but definitely heavier.

    When it comes to "Untitled I" which is the third track on the album, the main vibe behind the meaning of the song is repetition. Carl gains much of his influence from bands like Godflesh as well as their post-rock project, Jesu, who base the foundation of their music on the repetition of hook driven rhythms as well as the characterization of arrangements that rely on the raw power of an intelligently used drum machine. Your joy depends on how long you can forbear the same repetitive guitar arrangements including those in the higher octave ranges. Having 3:41 minutes to utilize within a composition could have led to an achievement of a more outstanding delivery of effects. However, the sound of "Untitled I" does become addictive at some point and includes nice contrasts between pitched and low guitar riffs that are layered along the track.

    The following song called "Untitled II" begins with languorous guitars supported by matching, slow drum beats. You'll also hear a bit of light synths accompanying the two. The song sounds relaxing. It may be a good idea to listen to it when you feel the need to dream or meditate.

    "Aspect Deletion - Per Year (Closure RMX)" finishes the Closure EP. Its repetitions and overall "nowhere to rush" atmosphere make it a neat non-rock track that is a good match to pubs and clubs where patrons chill out while having regular meetings with friends.

    Some bands create original songs when they reach their artistic limit in structure and complexity throughout their compositions, but only if the arrangements are thought out and performed very well. Others, like Closure prefer to focus on building their instrumental songs through simplified songwriting with enchanting moods. All of the songs on this EP bring simple, repetitive schemes, however the sound is extremely captivating. That's the natural beauty as I mentioned above and the track "Assertion" illustrates it the best.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, January 18th 2013)
    This review on Fabryka Magazine

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  • Jerry Goldsmith's CONGO (COMPLETE SCORE) by Intrada

    Jan 10 2013, 2h50 por wOoDy__


    Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 220
    Date: 1995
    Tracks: 31
    Time = 62:49

    Wow! World premiere of complete Jerry Goldsmith score for Frank Marshall film from Micheal Chrichton thriller with Laura Linney, Dylan Walsh. Original album produced by Goldsmith only featured about 23 minutes of score plus ten minutes of admittedly dynamic African choral material. But that left out virtually half of magnificent score. Goldsmith's approach to thriller offers some of his most riveting action music of the nineties. Intrada presentation includes everything composer recorded, including two versions of rich "Deep Jungle", in which version recorded specifically for album deleted tense snake sequence. Standing out in new tracks are thrilling action cues: powerful Rambo style "Meet Monroe Kelly" airport escape cue, intense "Help Me" where Tim Curry meets his violent end. Other new cues include two versions of mysterious "The Ghost Tribe", "Meet Amy" sequence with alternating thrills, tenderness. Alternates plus "Villagers Chant" written by James Newton Howard & Lebo M complete 62-minute program. Entire score mastered from original digital two-track session masters, vaulted at Paramount, stunningly recorded, mixed by Bruce Botnick. Packaging features both original Epic Soundtrax label album cover plus exciting "flipper" cover. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!

    The Album
    01. Spirit Of Africa/The Expedition* 2:42 Hear This Track
    02. Zinj 1:17
    03. The Eye 0:24
    04. Meet Amy 2:43 Hear This Track
    05. Something I Lost (Alternate) 0:29
    06. Meet Monroe Kelly 1:39 Hear This Track
    07. Road Block 0:39
    08. Crossing The Border 1:29
    09. Bail Out* 2:58 Hear This Track
    10. No Customs* 1:49 Hear This Track
    11. Deep Jungle - Picture 1:59 Hear This Track
    12. The Ghost Tribe - Revised 2:04 Hear This Track
    13. The Rapids 0:39
    14. The Symbol 0:47
    15. Hippo Attack* 2:26
    16. The Other Side - Revised 1:17
    17. Crash Site* 1:59
    18. Sad Amy 0:37
    19. Gates Of Zinj* 4:03 Hear This Track

    20. Help Me 2:18 Hear This Track
    21. We Are Watching 1:49
    22. The Mine 0:53
    23. Amy's Nightmare* 2:11
    24. Kahega* 2:18 Hear This Track
    25. Amy's Farewell/Spirit Of Africa/End Credits* 10:29 Hear This Track
    Total Album Time: 52:45

    The Extras
    26. Something I Lost 0:20
    27. Deep Jungle - Album* 2:33
    28. The Ghost Tribe 1:21
    29. The Other Side 1:20
    30. The Collapsed City 2:21
    31. The Villagers Chant (James Newton Howard/Lebo M) 1:50
    Total Extras Time: 9:58
    * Original Album Track