• cr200 unresponsive

    one part of the screen is unresponsive when you touch it,tried taking out the battery,any ideas?

  • There was a problem with the early CR200 batches regarding loss of screen sensitivity. It is a hardware issue. You cannot fix.

    They extended the warranty to two years to cover this. Contact Sonos. If you have one from the bad batch they will replace.

  • Exactly what Barry said. I received an email informing me- not sure if it's because I have a possibly defective one or if they just emailed everyone.

  • Solving

    Mine is broken too... Part of the screen does not react anymore.
    I can send it back through UPS.
    Now I am waiting for a new one to arrive from the U.K.

    After 4 days the new one arrived. Perfect service ! Sonos is great

    • monkdm disse...
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    • Dez 1 2012, 17h05


    I hear that the CR200 is to be withdrawn soon. So no more replacements.

    Have had mine replaced twice, usually very quickly...so no complaints.

    Next time will have to get an APP for the smartphone instead

  • Broken too

    Only half the screen is reponsive. I'm in Thailand so not sure how to have it serviced/exchanged (was purchased in Belgium)

    • monkdm disse...
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    • Dez 19 2012, 17h06

    CR200 failures... try a smartphone

    There's a Sonos App for the smart phones...its free I think.

    • Tr1xx disse...
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    • Jan 3 2013, 12h48

    Sonos Controller

    I bought a Sonos Connect last week and also a superb Android device to control it . . . a Samsung Galaxy S 4.2" 8GB Touchscreen MP3 Player from Currys UK. After 10% discount It only cost me £72. It's an amazing and versatile multi-purpose gadget that works pretty darned well with Sonos. Personally, I think it's a far more sensible and significantly cheaper option than using an Android phone. As for the Sonos Controller, well . . .

    So much music, so little time on this Earth to play it all. . .
    but the Global Jukebox simply keeps on playing . . .
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