6 questions on Sonos!

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    • Jul 8 2010, 19h52

    6 questions on Sonos!

    Am considering getting a Sonos system, but have a few things not sure about. Hope some of you Sonos listener boffins have answers for me! :)

    1. What software actually plays the music, is it a Sonos software application on your PC?
    2. What happens if you want to use Winamp on your PC to play music through a Sonos, can you do this?
    3. I have lots of MP3 music on USB sticks, to play them through a Sonos do I have to copy the MP3s onto my hard drive or can I play them direct from USB through my PC's USB port?
    4. Can you play music from your PC's CD drive through the Sonos system?
    5. I see on Sonos site FAQ that only US, UK and Germany have streaming, while for the rest of us it is scrobbling only - what about listening to Last FM radio stations through the Sonos?
    6. Can I play music from the Internet through the Sonos player, for example if I see a Full Track on Last FM on my PC while on the web and play it, can I have it play through the Sonos speakers?

    thanks in advance

  • 1. Not 100% sure what you mean here but you don't need the Sonos PC software to use the Sonos system.

    2. Not as far as I'm aware. The Sonos PC app is essentially a larger version of the Sonos controller. A bit clunky but it's not too evil. My WMP is linked to my Sonos PC app via the PC sharing malarky to all of my WMP playlists etc. show up on the Sonos app.

    3. To connect a HDD to Sonos you HAVE to have a network HDD- standard ones will not work. I don't think you'd be able to plug 'n' play them.

    4. Sorry, not too sure on this one. I've not fiddled around with that aspect but I would guess that it's possible somehow if you fiddle with the sharing settings on your PC.

    5. Sorry- UK here =)

    6. Not as far as I'm aware. You'd have to find it through Sonos I think.

    I'm by no means an expert so you might want to verify anything I've said! Having said that, my Sonos is the best thing I have ever brought, by far, far, far. I absolutely love it. It's nice being able to walk up the stairs to my apartment while picking a playlist on the Sonos iPhone app for when I walk inside =D

  • 2. You can connect your line-out of your computer with your Sonos to play all music from your computer. Or you can stream your music with something like http://www.oddsock.org/tools/edcast/ (i use nicecast on my Mac) and tune in on your local radio station with your sonos.

  • To try and take your questions in order.

    1. There is no software necessary or running on a computer. Sonos is a built-in system. The music can be stored anywhere on your network (computer(s), network disk(s), etc.).

    You can actually have an entire Sonos system, with zones all over the house, without a computer anywhere. All Sonos needs is access to a shared disk on the network somewhere.

    2. No your Sonos is not plugged in to your PC. However you can use the free Sonos Desktop Controller software to control your Sonos equipment, everywhere on your network, on your computer. There is also a free iPhone app which allows you to control your s

    3. Music files on a USB stick would have to be copied to somewhere they can be shared on the network in order to be played by Sonos. This could be a folder on a computer or a NAS (network disk)...

    4. There is no direct connection between a computer and the Sonos network. However there is a Line In port on each Sonos device which allows you to plug just about anything in to a Sonos device and have it shared on the Sonos players all over the network. For example: you could plug an iPod, via the headphone jack, to a Sonos device and all of the music being played on that iPod is sharable and playable on any Sonos on the network. Conceivably you could do the same thing with the output from the sound card of your PC. But the quality would probably not be that great in that case...

    5. Last.FM does not have the licensing necessary, or whatever, to allow us Europeans (outside Germany and the UK) to listen to anything from Last.FM on our Sonos. Sonos does have access to Deezer and Spotify is being added at the end of this month. In the US, because of service licensing again, they also have Pandora, Rhapsody and Napster on their Sonos systems.

    6. You can't access a file directly from the web on the Internet via Sonos.

    Check out the Sonos web site for a better overall explanation as the computer itself is involved a lot less in the Sonos system than in your questions.

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    • Nov 22 2010, 18h42

    Maximum Of Songs

    6. Unfortunately I Sold My Sonos M.R.S. because maximum size of the database is appr. 65.000 songs!!

  • Last.fm an sonos

    I live country where last.fm is not available in sonos and there is scrobbling only. But I listen last.fm to connect my computer in ZonePlayers line-in and choose line-in mode in sonos software. Of course you need more gears, you need one zoneplayer near to your computer.

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