Tags / metadata being erased?

    • Ali-UK disse...
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    • Dez 3 2011, 16h22

    Tags / metadata being erased?

    So I just switched over to Songbird (latest version, 1.10.1 I believe) from iTunes, started getting plugins. Imported my library, playlists, and started listening.

    Then I noticed that whenever I've been playing songs in SB, it's been 'erasing' my tags/metadata/art in windows (7) file views.

    They show up in itunes or SB itself, but it's really annoying to put in the effort tagging, etc, and to see it disappear in folder views.

    Edit: The 'erasing' of tags seems to be directly related to me rating tracks in Songbird. If I rate a track, it blanks out the data. Unfortunately it seems like unrating them does not fix this.

    On a side note, I've also been having trouble importing stuff into the library, often giving me 'null' playlist entries.

    Is this almost brand new SB just straight up busted?

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