• The SoGoPro Street Team Awards

    Dez 15 2009, 17h28 por Kendi28

    Hey folks-
    Just wanted to spread the word about the new SoGoPro Street Team Awards! This is a monthly award that will be decided by all of you- going to the Street Team member who has shown obvious support and participation in all things SoGoPro-
    All the info you need is on the Street Team Blog-
    including the poll that will help decide who wins :)
    Do your part to help this community grow, you might be recognized for it :)
  • Another place to share your SGP Pride

    Nov 3 2009, 16h38 por Kendi28

    Hello friends:

    As you might be able to tell by now, I try to encourage folks to join in and take advantage of this fantastic community SGP has built. Well- just in case you feel like you haven't expressed enough love, there's a new place that can help you do just that.
    That's right! The new SoGoPro Street Team Blog has been created just for you! Finally an open format for SGP Supporters to post to and continue to share their creations inspired by Sogopro!
    We all know to look for The Hellick's favorite fan submissions on the main page, but imagine a Street Team Headquarters where praises are posted daily by your friends- where cool links, new artwork, short stories, music suggestions, whatever are continuously shared for you, by you?
    You know you want in, but space is limited! I can have up to 100 contributing authors to this blog! Get in touch with me and we'll make it happen...
    Get your spot now... show the world in your own words just what SGP means to you!
  • Spreading the SGP Word!

    Out 22 2009, 13h26 por Kendi28

    It's been great to check back here every day to see that our group is increasing! Just in the past couple days there have been 5 or 6 new members! Let's keep the word of mouth going strong- and encourage all our SGP friends to participate in this group!
    It's another marvelous way to show our love and support for not only The Hellick but for every artist they represent in their journey to the top.

    Don't forget to check out the topics in the active discussions- Feel free to reply to an existing thread or start a new one of your own!
    This is the home of SGP's Music loving Street Team, we're glad you're here!
  • Have you read this Article?

    Out 12 2009, 4h29 por Kendi28

    Get to know Bibis Ellison a little better! Read:

    What would you have liked to ask Bibis?