Which WEEEED is your favourite?

  • Orange Bud, Blueberry, White widow

    in hash:

    HIROSHIMA BOMB (tasted in amsterdam, i don't know if it is known in other places) great fuckin shiiiiiiiiiiiit :D

    • norecess disse...
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    • Set 29 2006, 11h58
    It's not really important. You can like White Widow until you get some somewhere and it tastest like shit. I prefer dry weed which is easy to crumble. When I go inside a coffeeshop, I always ask if I can feel it, not smell it. Most of the times I smoke my weed, never ate it.

    • tommy_hc disse...
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    • Set 30 2006, 19h36
    norecess said… When I go inside a coffeeshop, I always ask if I can feel it, not smell it. Most of the times I smoke my weed, never ate it.

    Lucky bastard. I usually only have 1 or 2 choices, outdoor or indoor. Indoor is the way to go.

  • White widow is good, but B-52 Bomber gets me really blazin

  • not to be too original but i like:

    White Widow
    Northern Lights
    Purple Haze

    those are pretty rare tho, so mostly its just mids and some chronic

  • i love silver haze, edelweis and jack hedder

    This is no offense, but you are a robot arent you?
  • nothern lights,
    or cherry creeper

  • Skunk and Juicy Fruit all the way.

  • Indoor:
    Carlifornia Orange
    Nortern LightX
    and my own crossing whith Cinderella and Carlifornia Orange,jihaaaaaaa what a nice mixture!!!! Next harvest in Feb..:-P

    • itschman disse...
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    • Nov 30 2006, 14h20
    I'm from Germany and i tried a lot of shit...
    but i gotta say one of the best weed i smoked was from nothern california: it smelled like mango and even tasted like mango it was THE SHIT fo real
    and from Holland i like Snowball the most cause it hits you really hard

  • hmmm...i liked white widow the most...i was zombie high for four hours...sweet

    • Poonen disse...
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    • Dez 5 2006, 20h21

    "Bin Laden" for reel??

    In a Three6Mafia song, they are talking about a type of weed called "Bin Laden"-weed, is this shit for reel??

    • norecess disse...
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    • Dez 5 2006, 21h28
  • Personally, my favorite kind of weed is the kind that gets you high.

    ...Although I do like a nice Strawberry Cough every now and then

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Dez 11 2006, 4h38
    I havent smoked many known name strains.... yet

    of the ones I have, the tastiest IMO are:


    my favourite all time smoke was:
    ISO hash oil from my hashplant trim. fuck it was tasty. good times

  • sour diesel all day

    • s4p disse...
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    • Dez 18 2006, 15h39
    Love Potion
    Orange Bud
    Jack Herer

    • mngrif disse...
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    • Dez 20 2006, 22h12
    The one and only time I ever had "name brand" was my first time. She called it Jamaican Haze, and man, it did the job allright :)

    Past that, I've always just come up with names for specific batches if they are worth rememberance. For example, I got an oz of some dank that smelled like mustard, and when broken up the light green bits were more yellow than anything, resembling Dijon mustard. Thus, it got named The Mustard. Man that was some good smoke :)

    Most of what I can find lately (in the past year) I've been told is cross breeds with AK47, which going by the description I can definitely see being true. I hate it. I'm more of a body-high type than a head-buzz type.

    What can I say, I enjoy vibrating :)

  • skunk #1 anyone? potent! :)

    ...an ellipsis is not just punctuation, it's a lifestyle.
  • actually don't really know what types are best...names are never really said when you buy it... but i have had some really bunk shit abouts here... and i swear at one point this year there was jack shit about :S

    ...an ellipsis is not just punctuation, it's a lifestyle.
    • omneo disse...
    • Assinante
    • Dez 24 2006, 17h19
    i smoke what i grow in my garden... dunno what the strains are but they're seeing me thru winter :)

    A life without music is no life at all
    • I_vito_I disse...
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    • Dez 24 2006, 17h34

    nice weed:
    White Knight
    Santa Maria
    Skunk elf
    Jack Herrer
    White widow

    ZERO ZERO !!!
    Nepal Temple
    Northern light
    Marokko Ketama

    I prefer smoking hash, or a cocktail with both :P
    after a while of much hash , weed will taste fucking nice aswell :D

    • norecess disse...
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    • Dez 25 2006, 13h36
    Try 'puntjes' some time, some of my favorite hash flavours.

    • Dawfie disse...
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    • Jan 18 2007, 3h57
    Kind Bud
    Panama Red
    Purple Haze
    Alaskan Thunderfuck
    I also love some good shake ecspecially if its skunky.

    • HazesDay disse...
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    • Jan 28 2007, 18h14
    The Chronic has always done me right...

    Best when fresh, plenty of THC crystals , orange hairs all over the place and sticky as fuck

    Damn God You Killing It
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