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Líder: SirAlecHendrix
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Criado em: 8 Nov 2008
SiR HendRix Group is the enterprise, the headquarter of my network—apply if you want to support what we are going to achieve on and for the world of music in general

Yes we can

NASA freeflyer

if you appreciate our efforts and what we are going to achieve on and for the
world of music in general, and if your desire is to join our virtual team, make sure
you are a team player. this is business.

our Motherworld projectsThe Motherworld of Music

creating a general access page for every kind of music, allowing users to search for
era, genre, style, country, musical scene, school, form or instrument, via an
alphabetical index.

The Motherworld of Early and Classical Music

displaying the whole world of art music that was created before the 20th century—
without pigeonholing composers by eras (such as 'baroque'), without ignoring
non-western classical music, and without mistaking modern, contemporary and
avant-garde composers as "classical".

The Motherworld of Traditional Music

allowing access to traditional (folk) music of all countries and all kind without falling
into the 'world music' trap.

The Motherworld of Popular Music

redefining what popular music really means today without confusing the term with
'pop' music. acknowledging that the vast realm of music we all are mostly listening
to, no matter what the genre or style name is, in fact is a kind of popular music, with
rare exceptions.

The Motherworld of New and Avant-Garde Music

displaying the very meaning of New Music after world war I. understanding that rock
and jazz are more bound to the 'classical' tradition than most 20th century composers,
electronic art music or noise.

United Future Organization

investigating the "future sounds of" (be it jazz, electronic, art music, experimental
etc.), discovering the hidden trends in music and the next big thing
(and it is not what people believe).

our Motherfleet projectsSiR HendRix AiRport

creating a clearing station / superhub for access to all our groups on via
ports (AiRport, SeaPort, SpacEport) and via a fleet of motherships and shuttles,
representing the "genre" names people use. creating a network of interlinked
groups with user-friendly easy navigation. recommending and rating the best
groups from 20,000 groups on

our most ambitious project_ Center of Excellence _

SiR HendRix Excellence Rating : creating a system for rating of music that is less
bound to subjective measures, more precise and refined. publishing the rating
results including comments in The List of Excellence and The List of Quality Music.

can we do it ?
yes we can.

apply for the group if you want to support.

SirAlecHendrix, president, SiR HendRix Group

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