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Join us and be part of the northern damnation!

There are groups for Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian metal, but none that cover all Scandinavian countries. This is a group for fans of all metal bands from across these 3 fantastic countries (and surrounding areas that could be disputed to be part of Scandinavia). All metal is great, but if you especially have a soft spot for Scandinavian metal, this is the right group for you.

There are no rules about the bands you should listen to. You will not be kicked out nor banned for your musical tastes. We gathered here simply because we like Scandinavian metal and if you like it too, then you are welcomed to join in!

Note: There is only one exception in our policy - NSBM genre is definitely not welcomed here. Those who disagree may use our forum and discuss the topic, but no bands will be added to connections or supported in any other way.

Big thanks goes to Necrolord for providing his artwork. We admire your skills! Also, big message to the designers who made our artwork almost invisible - go to hell.

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