• Deboche disse...
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    • Jul 31 2006, 6h05


    I was wondering how you came to know and finally came to like Rurouni Kenshin.

    For me, I first caught Samurai X just in the beggining of the Shishio story(which I think is the best part of the anime) on tv. After that, I watched the OVAS and the anime series from the beggining to the end.

    I was very disappointed by how the anime ended but after some time someone told me about how the manga was way better so I read it and it has no comparison. The manga takes a completely different direction after the Shishio story and develops and ends with class and quality. I reccomend it to everyone.

    I also reccomend listening to the soundtrack while reading the manga

    • SavageFX disse...
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    • Jul 31 2006, 13h44
    I saw the anime on tv. I saw it starting from episode 10 or 15 I suppose all the way up to the end of the Shishio story (and I agree with Deboche, that's definitely the best part of the anime) and I saw a couple of episodes from the amakusa shougo story (the son of god guy who knows the mitsurugi style aswell) That was a couple of years ago. The past year, at my dorms, I found someone who loved rurouni kenshin aswell and we started searching for and downloading all the episodes of the anime. So now i've watched them all, first to last, including the OVA's
    I thought the amakusa shougo story had very much potential, but it disappointed a bit, especically the showdown between Kenshin and Shougo (if you can even call it that. it lasted for about 1 minute or so)
    After that, the story goes really downhill. it goes like this: they meet a stranger, meet a new enemy, some battles and chasing, enemy defeated -> repeat like 5 times or so and then you've reached the last episode...
    I saw the OVA's afterwards and story-wise I thought they were really good. especially the first 4 with Tomoe and such were "wow". However, I'm disappointed in the drawing style. the OVA's are drawn more realistic, but one of the great things about anime/manga is imho that the focus lies NOT on realism. I really missed the way the hair and eyes were drawn in the anime. The intensity and fluid motion during battles had greatly increased though, which is a definite plus.

    I should really try to get a hold of the manga, however, I haven't seen them anywhere here in Belgium.

    PS: Saito rules ;-)

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    • bmxgamer disse...
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    • Ago 1 2006, 0h56
    I heard good thing about Kenshin, so I did the naughty and downloaded the series in one go. Watched it, loved it and bought the OVAs and downloaded 1gb+ of Kenshin music. goodness

    My brother recently started collecting the manga, looking forward to reading it when he gets them all.

    • bmxgamer disse...
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    • Ago 1 2006, 0h57
    argh double post!

  • the point in the double post? haha

    i thought the drawing style of trust and betrayal was more definately suited the storyline of the two. The series was comical and was drawn in a way to represent the happyness and general feelings felt by the characters. There was even comic relief during battles with enemies etc.

    in the movies it id dark throughout i think to show what sort of life kenshin has and the sort of person seijuro hiko was - and wanted kenshin to become. Even times in the movie were you think there would be happyness such as when kenshin is living with tomoe on the farm, you learn later that there is reason for a dark underlay as kenshin has mislayed trust in nearly everyone he knows.

    the voices and drawing style are hard to get used to from watching one to another but they are definately suited and couldnt have been done better in my opinion.

    The samurai x motion picture i dont really count as part of the whole thing because it falls well below the standard. Pretty much everyhting about it so wont go into details with that one.

    • bmxgamer disse...
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    • Ago 7 2006, 17h17
    sk8rmarky said:
    the point in the double post? haha


    You can't delete your own posts and since it was the same as the one above it (due to firefox being lame) I edited it.

    • Deboche disse...
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    • Ago 19 2006, 17h50
    if you have IRC you can download the entire manga from

    if you dont have IRC, you can get it, its freeware, from

    dont be disappointed if the first chapters of the manga are a bit low quality cause those were scanned a long time ago. The initial story isnt even what's most important since its very much like the anime

    • bmxgamer disse...
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    • Ago 20 2006, 10h26
    Has 'em now.

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    • SavageFX disse...
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    • Ago 20 2006, 21h29
    Hey thanks for the website Deboche.

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    • skrknmt disse...
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    • Set 12 2006, 10h09
    I first saw Rurouni Kenshin while on vacation to Taiwan, and immediately fell in love with it. After that, I rented the manga. :D

    I also rented the movie. :] I really liked it.

    • Vadigor disse...
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    • Dez 17 2006, 17h24
    I first saw it a year or five ago, when the Tokyo Arc started airing on TV here.

    About a year ago, I managed to download all the OVA's which had in my opinion a much better, deeper and sadder story-line.

    A few months ago I discovered a movielink-website so I watched the Tokyo and Kyote Arc again, but I've stopped just before the last few episodes for an unknown reason :D

    Now I'm just gonna see if I can get to those Manga's D:

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Abr 2 2007, 13h34
    I watched short clip from first OVA.
    I watched TV series, then OVAs and now I have read the whole manga.

    I had RurouniMania and I watched kenshin anime all the time. Now I'm normal again ^^

    Soundtrack is real great too! In the first season, there was rock music, but they took it away in 2nd season...

    Last TV season was pretty shitty.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 28 2007, 9h34
    Rurouni Kenshin- Aishiteru!^^ This is the best anime ever, from OVA's Trust & Betrayal is my favourite. Samurai X became a symbol of all Japanese history, culture, and everything the best from Japan!!^^I love it!

  • Hooray!

    I first heard about Kenshin from a forum I used to go on, I heard the ending theme 'Heart of Sword' and that's what forced me to watch the series. I saw the first episode and knew I was hooked. After watching the entire series I watched the movie 'Ishin Shishi he no Requiem' (i think) and then I bought the OVA boxset at an anime convention. I then discovered the manga in a book store in the city and I recommend all of it, it's so fantastic.

    I also bought the soundtrack (ultimate version) which has almost every score and song from all the anime and its adaptations etc.

    I heart kenshin!

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  • Hitokiri Battosai & Rurouni

    First, i watched some of samurai-X series on tv! i really like it and i watched all series and, kenshin is one of my best among all anime productions i have seen! Especially Kenshin & Tomoe Tale is very very good! that OVA is my number one! there is many thing about history, about culture, and about life! The story is not a real story but somehow it is real indeed... :)

    • Keso-mv disse...
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    • Dez 15 2007, 22h00


    I watched kenshin since it started aaah.. i just love it.... my fav xD .... the first 4 ova's tomoe died.. aaw i cried .. the other 2 .. ooh kenshin is dead T.T xD
    my fav part.. or story .. is the sotry with's just great all the past of kenshin.. aah.. it's awesome.... T.T
    the ending of the tv series .. well.. since the end of Shishio's fight.. the serie just got a little wierd xd but .. i still liked it... not as much as the story from the mangas.... the mangas are reeeaaally good
    aah i just don't know what to say ... the soundtrack.. hehe it just... T.T oh i LOVE the soundtrack.. from the ova's and from the series...

  • I discovered it when I first read the manga. After that, I noticed the anime online, but I didn't like it. Then I saw all the OAVs and I loved them *_* But I still prefer the manga: it's my favourite manga, even if I read it in 2004.

  • I was into DBZ (hah!) at the time (around 2002 or so), and a friend of mine told me about Kenshin. I loved it. I since have gone back and read the manga, which is even better.

    • Artai disse...
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    • Set 6 2008, 22h25

    Phylosophy, Love, Culture

    Such a fantastic story.
    It all started 3 years ago, I was watching TV (very rare moment) and tuned to MTV, it was the Anime Night so I watched the entire program.
    One of the Oav I watched that night was Samurai X, the first episode of Trust and Betrayal. At the age of 15 I didn't know much anime, so I started searching the animations of that night.
    I couldn't find much things of Samurai X...but after a month I read in a random forum that Rurouni Kenshin was the same title of Samurai X (darn MTV it even doesn't inform -_-). So I searched for the OAV...but I downloaded the entire series instead -_-'
    I said "well...let's watch all of it". (the first reatcion when I watched the first opening, thinking about seeing the Oav, was really disappointed), but after some episodes I started to like it :)
    Slowly going on with the anime, I fell in love, Shishio Saga was pure epic!
    Then the filler episodes...well...I don't even remember the name of those characters :P nothing important, really.
    After some time, I FINALLY found the oav, Samurai X Trust and Betrayal, I was really happy that moment...well...just for the first two episodes, that was such a sad story :(
    Then i discovered the existence of the Seisou Hen oav, well, I didn't understand very much at a first watch (not knowing that, a year later, it would have been my favourite oav of all time).
    My interests really grew when I found the manga at the store...(it was publicated in Italy ;) ).
    Now I collect several mangas, and still the Kenshin manga is my favourite. So elegant but still so aggressive in the fights, it has for me a great importance that manga, the best love story I've ever seen (please spare me Masakazu Katsura ç_ç).
    Now I've even got the original oav of Trust and Betrayal (dubbed in italian quite well :3) and finally found the Seisou Hen subbed in italian!
    I had to admit that Seisou Hen is a pure tragic romance, at the level of the epic greek tragedies. But to understand it well you have to read carefully the manga.
    Infact Rurouni Kenshin is always high-rated in every Anime/Manga forum, people who does rate it low never watched the entire anime or specially the oav.
    And, in conclusion...
    Keso-mv ha detto:
    I watched kenshin since it started aaah.. i just love it.... my fav xD .... the first 4 ova's tomoe died.. aaw i cried .. the other 2 .. ooh kenshin is dead T.T xD

    Thanks for your Spoiler O_o'

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  • For me, it was... maybe 7 years ago or so. I was on a holiday and it was 6 am, but I couldn't sleep, so I woke up and turned on the TV. I found this anime and started watching it; it was the episode where Megumi first appears. I became in love with the story and started watching the anime everyday.
    One year later, I started buying the comic books and I have to say I prefer the manga than the anime. I think it's ART, it's a wonderful story amazingly written by Watsuki. To me, it's the best comic in the world and one of the best stories.

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