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Group which Main purpose for now is to save the Seven Lakes of Rila from being built-up probably with concrete and of course made an another tourist center with ski lifts, and roads and everything...

Rila is one of the mountains in Bulgaria. The highest top in Rila is the Musala summit, which is the highest mountain top in the Balkan peninsula - 2925m. Rila is the sixth highest mountain in Europe and place where the rivers Iskar, Maritza and Mesta spring. The mountain has over than 200 lakes and many mineral springs. The Seven Lakes of Rila are group of lakes with a glacial origin. The names of the lakes are related with their special features. Salzata (the tear) is called that way because of the limpidity of its waters, Okoto (the eye) is with an almost perfect oval form, and it is the deepest lake from the group, Babreka (the kidney) is with the steepest shores, Bliznaka (the twin) is the biggest by area, Trilistnika (tree-leaves) is with an irregular form and not so high shores, the shallowest is Ribnoto ezero (the fish lake) and the lowest - Dolnoto ezero which gathering the waters of all lakes and gives the beginning of the Jerman River. Today all of the beauty and magic of that place is on its way of losing because of the human greed. Now there are excavators, machines and illegal building. Many Bulgarians are against this insanity, but very small part of them have the benefit from it. Now all we can do is collecting online subscriptions. We must collect 70 000 petitions so that our voice can be taken seriously in front the European Commission of the Petitions. Last fm has become more and open community than just a place for music taste, so this is another place where this problem can be shown to people. If you want to help, you can sign in with a petition on this address

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