• Revis

    Bit of a pity they split after one album - was looking forward to hear more of their stuff.

  • Damn didn't know that. I really like their album and their sound.

  • Revis may not be dead after all...........


    Revis Hard At Work on New Album
    By: Chad | Source: Revis Official Website
    July 16, 2005 10:40AM EST

    While Revis may be in a transitional period, after parting ways with Epic Records, and several possible line up changes, the band remains confident they will release their as of yet untitled sophomore album sometime next year. The band was a casualty of the Sony/BMG merger last year, and now they find themselves at the crossroads of their career. The band feels confident they will find another major label that will see promise in them.

    "We just want a good working relationship with our label. We work really hard in our band and we expect the same from the label we end up with." Lead singer Justin Holman told Alternative Addiction. "Once we sign a deal I would expect the music not to be in stores until at least some time in 2006. Unfortunately it just takes that long. Fans will probably get to listen to the stuff way before that."

    Revis fans can expect the same driving force that fueled 2003's "Places For Breathing", only this time around a more matured sound. "This new album is going to be a lot like the first one Fast , Driving, and Inspirational. Its full of great 'Places For Breathing-like' melodies. It has definitely matured." Tracks already confirmed for the new album include "Red Letter Day", "Metrosexual Man" and "Taste In the Flash".

    Holman also said the band's line up will definitely see several changes from the one that released the band's major label debut "Places for Breathing" in 2003. He confirmed that himself and guitarist Nathaniel Cox will definitely be a part of the band, but beyond that, the band line up could change drastically.

    "The band is not complete at this point. Nathaniel and I are the only members who are working on this project. We will be putting together a full band. Bob Thiemann will not be a part of this project, I know for sure. Bob is a great friend and will be missed from the project." Holman said he hoped that Revis drummer David Piribauer will be able to continue with the band, but was uncertain.

    "I have been talking with David Piribauer about playing. We are going to see what happens with the projects he is working on currently and if he is not being used by these projects when we show case , I would love to have him as a member of Revis. What an amazing drummer."

    The future for guitarist Robert Davis is however, very uncertain. "I talked to Robert Davis about a month ago. We have a lot of issues between us . I was just as close to Robert as I was Nathaniel, we grew up together. We were very close. within the last year there has been a lot of gossip that has torn our friendship apart. He knows what's going on, he just needs to call...if he wants to pursue a future with Revis."

  • Ok, that's better news. Look forward to hearing what this "matured" album will sound like.

  • They've definitely split now, well, I think two of them are still pursuing it. I think Justin (Vocals) has left music altogether.

  • Well thats too bad, but fortunately there are many nice bands....

  • damn...

    I liked them.. One Hit Wonders... too bad.. that's how they're gonna be remembered, their music was beyond that.

    • -langb- disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mar 22 2007, 9h09
    Justin Holman had joined another band!!! They're called Aujalyn and they have not yet released any songs...

    "...we have been in a constant whirlwind about what to do musically. We knew that we wanted to grow and do some new things..but what exactly?? We are VERY close to figuring that out. Justin has given us a completely new outlook on lyrics and the vocal part of a song. We have written many new songs and recorded a few. We want our new songs to be pure perfection. For all of our new fans out there, Thanks!!"

    Source: http://www.myspace.com/aujalyn

    I can't wait to hear their songs!!!

  • Revis IS back!

    Revis has been hard at work on their new record! http://www.revisrocks.com/news/post/end-of-the-year-update

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