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Real Avatar
is a current picture of the user, in which one preferably can see a face. Group founder and designer: _michael_, of Switzerland, who is no longer on...

«Real Avatar - a class of its own»

is a computer user's representation of himself or herself
but mostly on the net it's a fantasy picture.
it is what one expects... we expect differently

group moderators: mesmeriseme and Nathanael_Green

This is a group for people using pictures of their real faces as their avatar.

If you don't like the funny animated gifs or strange photographs of artists you don't know, then this is the right group for you!

and of course if you just use a Real Avatar and don't bother much about other kinds of avatar.
Read: you don't hate or dislike Fake/Unreal Avatar
___ ___ ___
We always need more members. Talk to friends and neighbors if they use a real avatar.

Artists are encouraged to tell me that they have a artist account.
(Preferably some or all of your stuff is available for free) Artist / Group Connections

Things to discuss (even more on a close look):

Say hello to the group... or look who's new...

Show us how you changed, drop a compliment when it fits...

There are some Group Rules

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