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For those who love Raja Ram and his style
Fell free to join the union of consciousness and love ;)

"Let's keep on shpongling!"

Raja Ram (born Ronald Rothfield, in 1941 in Melbourne, Australia) is a musician and the owner of the UK record label TIP World. Raja Ram left Australia in the 1950s to begin the hippie trail. He returned to Australia later and studied flute at the Melbourne Conservatory. Raja Ram also went to New York in 1965 to study jazz. He was a member of the band Quintessence in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They played a blend of jazz, progressive rock, Indian music, and new age rock.

Shortly after, Raja Ram was forced to retire for personal reasons and became an envelope salesman. In the 1980s, he decided to return to the music scene as he now became interested in the emerging genre of electronic music. He was one of the first people to make what is today considered psychedelic trance.

Raja Ram formed TIP Records in 1994 with Graham Wood, and Ian St. Paul. It soon became one of the most well-known goa trance labels. After the label folded in 1998, Raja Ram then founded TIP World in 1999. He collaborated with Simon Posford on the Shpongle and The Mystery of the Yeti projects and is a founder of 1200 Micrograms. He often plays the flute on ambient tracks.

Raja Ram is married to Sita Devi. With her, he has a daughter named Sastra. Sastra Rothfield is a part of Harmonix, SAS/Ban/Tony (with Bansi from GMS) and Visible Sound groups. He also has a granddaughter named Bella.

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Rara Ram & Chicago at Ozora Festival, heading towards Main Stage.

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