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    • Set 8 2007, 17h49

    favourite b side?

    let's hear it! Mine's probably the trickster, but it changes too often to be sure.

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    • Out 7 2007, 19h37
    Worrywort + How I Made My Millions

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    • Out 30 2007, 0h52
    Kinetic? A Reminder? Talk Show Host? Paperbag Writer? Fuck, i really don't know.

  • The Amazing Sounds of Orgy.

    I have to move to this :D

    and other first places belong to:
    Where the Bluebirds Fly
    Bishops' Robes
    Punchdrunk Lovesong Singalong

    You know, there are many people in the country today who, through no fault of their own, are sane. Some of them were born sane. Some of them became sane later in their lives. It is up to people like you and me who are out of our tiny little minds to try and help these people overcome their sanity.
    <img src="http://lastfm.obsessive-media.de/9x2/LittleMo8MalaMo.jpeg"; alt="My Top Albums" />

    You don't know why You like music? We know! check it :] (gołe klaty!!! :D) (don't take it too seriously) ;)
  • Polyethylene
    Palo Alto
    Talk Show Host
    Fog (off i might be wrong)
    also a very big fan of acoustic killer cars

  • Hmm... such a difficult choice.

    But I'll say Kinetic, closely followed by The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy, Talk Show Host and Where Bluebirds Fly

    Frekar Slekk Ég Á Mér Aleinn Á Ný
    • HauxiT disse...
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    • Out 1 2008, 23h03
    gagging order

    I jumped in the river and what did I see?
    black eyed angels swimming with me
  • I'd have to say it's between "Yes I am" and "Talk Show Host."

    • Melvin_P disse...
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    • Out 17 2008, 9h31
    Paperbag writer or I Am A Wicked Child

    • vuzza disse...
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    • Dez 3 2008, 15h35
    ... at the moment it's "A Reminder"... resisting on top of my list for several weeks now!

  • Lull
    Gagging Order

    • SirMothy disse...
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    • Fev 22 2009, 16h36
    big boots, lift, cuttooth, maquiladora, worrywort, life in a glass house, fog, talk show host, pearly, kinetic, ALL AWESOME

    Lift might take the cake though even though i dont think it is even considered a b-side.

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  • You mean I have to pick just one!? Heads it's Cuttooth, Tails it's Talk Show Host .... <flipping coin> ..... OMG!!!! :-)

  • Well, well... My favorite is Fog, but i love outhers b-sides...

    Sorry for the horrible english.
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    • Ago 2 2009, 4h38
    How I Made My Millions, without a doubt

  • Talk Show Host. It's my favourite song ever!

    Like a broom
    among brooms
    in a broom closet.
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    • Ago 5 2009, 21h45

    • bash_ua disse...
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    • Ago 9 2009, 7h04
    talk show host
    palo alto
    punchdrunk lovesick singalong4

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 9 2009, 9h43

    nothing more nothing less.

  • Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong, no question.

    • asdras disse...
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    • Ago 24 2009, 18h18

  • You Never Wash Up After Yourself

    Do not listen to a word I say just listen to what I can keep a silent
  • ♥ ♥ ♥ pearly and polyethylene ♥ ♥ ♥

  • I pretty much agree with Musefreak exactly above and in the same order...

    Kinetic, The Amazing Sounds of Orgy, Talk Show Host, Where Bluebirds Fly...Paperbag Writer on the end there...

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