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Líder: IMTrick
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Criado em: 8 Set 2006
There are quite a few queer groups here on Last.fm, and their top artists and group radio are almost all... well, very stereotypically gay.

This group is for those of us who are gay, bi, trans,...

We're here to tell you, ya better make way,
We're queer rockers in your face today.
We can't relate to Judy Garland.
It's a new generation of music calling.

We're the buttfuckers of rock & roll,
We wanna sock it to your hole.
With loud guitars, we're gay and proud,
We're gonna get ya with your pants down.

- Pansy Division, "Anthem"

Make yourself comfortable, use the forum, and please feel free to leave any recommendations you think might make this group better.

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