Welcome! Three favs

    • psykatty disse...
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    • Ago 23 2008, 6h50

    Welcome! Three favs

    Post your three favorite songs, lets get the ball rollin'

  • Hey guys! This is Alex from Psychostick, reporting in. Thank you so much for caring enough to have your own Pstick fan page.

    We're finishing up our new album, titled "Sandwich" right now. We just need to lay down vocals for a few more songs, and guitars for a couple, and it will be ready to mix down! Expect that out in the spring.

    Also, keep an eye on our tour dates for the Holiday Hate Tour: Season 2, coming this November/December. Thanks again, see you guys soon. Yar!


  • Oh, and my 3 favorite songs are.... Red Snow, Jagermeister Love Song, and Scrotal Torment.

    As of the new ones, my 3 favorites are... Minimum Rage, Passive Vengence, and P Is The Best Letter.... and Grocery Escape Plan. Can I have 4??

    • psykatty disse...
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    • Nov 10 2008, 7h48
    Totally. :P

    OH you are doing Holiday Hate Tour again? Thank god, I was worried that was a one time thing. Phew. Yay! *parties*

    Make sure you come up to the northern midwest again :) We miss you

    • psykatty disse...
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    • Fev 15 2009, 8h59

  • my favorites in no particular (but still numerical) order:

    1. orgasm = love
    2. jagermeister love song
    3. hokey fuckin pokey
    4. scrotal torment

  • 1. This is not a Song, it's a Sandwich
    2. Orgasm = Love
    3. BEER

    • TerraPhi disse...
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    • Set 27 2009, 13h05
    1. Shower (damn thing got stuck in my head for nearly two weeks)
    2. Pluh
    3. #1 Radio single

  • 1. Hokey fucking pokey
    2.Two ton paperweight
    4. if i could have 4 it'd be Red Snow

    We are the future let's make it metal
    • Maz1789 disse...
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    • Out 7 2010, 22h53
    1. Orange
    2. Shower
    3. The Dumb Song

    • GloboX88 disse...
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    • Out 25 2012, 20h25
    This is not a Song, it's a Sandwich; Beer; Number (i can only count to four)

  • *sigh* This is gonna be hard......only 3?...........OK, in no particular order, 1. Premature Intoxication/Welcome To The Show 2. Methane Crescendo 3. Intervention For a Good Mood/Hate Times 8

    The Game. You just lost.
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