What kids of psychedelic drugs you've tried?

  • What kids of psychedelic drugs you've tried?

    Ofc. you are awared of the results of taking them. So.
    In what of them are you interested to try and what's your so far experience?
    Or maybe you're against it?
    Feel free to write anything that'll come to your mind

    I've tried 4 times Salvia Divinorum. And it was, hard to describe, but sometimes very scary feeling. With my friend we've come to a conclusion that it is in someway a try to understand whole world. And in upcoming future I want to try LSD and DMT and maybe LSA and 'shrooms', we'll see. In my opinion we should as humanity 'release' the natural drugs, not prohibit them. It causes more problems then heals.

    and few things to watch for you(first four in english with polish subtitles):
    I recommend the last, I think it fits this group perfectly :P
    for any mistakes in my language I'm sorry.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 6 2009, 2h45

  • All last year, every Wednesday we with my friend smoked salvia, as a result I have written a fairy tale))
    Thank God it's legal.

  • weed indeed

  • weed is classic =)

    "Otecko môj drahý, ak tam dakde uvidíte tri ruže z jednej stopky vykvitať, nuž tie mi doneste. To mi bude najmilšie."
  • Weed obviously, but it doesn't feel psychedelic. I have tried acid and 4-ho-met repeated times. I want to try shrooms and salvia as well, I have heard great things about it (:

    Never mind my username.
    • darko089 disse...
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    • Jun 27 2009, 19h08
    weed and much others xD

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 5 2009, 5h37
    weed, salvia, shrooms, and acid. would really like to try dmt, one day.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 7 2009, 19h13
    I haven't actually tried any though I am known to hallucinate, experience different perceptions and engage in conversations with a cactus. Last one was a joke but yeah. ;D Will try shrooms though soon.

  • Weed and Shrooms.

  • tape teas!

    • Leipus disse...
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    • Jul 31 2009, 15h16
    acid, shrooms, salvia and, ofcourse, weed :) i'd realy like to try dmt and ibogaine sometime

  • Well, I've done LSD, mushrooms, DMT, and salvia. They all are pretty unique experiences, the latter two completely shifting your reality. I'd have to say mushrooms are my favorite though. Out of the twenty some times I've done them I always end up closer to the people I trip with and I've gotten to understand who I really am and what I want out of life, which has made me a happier person overall.

    • Octawius disse...
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    • Ago 9 2009, 12h06
    Salvia, Weed, Dextrometorphan, LSA, DOI, amanita muscaria and I'm going to feel inside spirit of shrooms, and DMT. I want to try LSD too :)

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    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 15 2009, 20h58

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 13 2009, 13h27
    shrooms, weed, salvia divinorum. I actually didn't enjoy salvia much, it gave me anxiety and general feeling of fear and confusion. Shrooms are the best. I want to try LSD, but can't get ir anywhere ;(

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    • Octawius disse...
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    • Out 17 2009, 17h06
    Negalvok I have the same problem with LSD. Btw I can't understand how Salvia can do that with you...didn't you respect her or what? :)

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 19 2009, 15h51
    I don't know, maybe I took too much of the extract and then i realised that I understand nothing and almost began to panic :D but it was only in the first time, couple of weeks later I didn't feel so bad but also not very pleased.

    • Octawius disse...
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    • Out 19 2009, 20h53
    You can't take salvia too much, only salvia can be so much for you :)

    • TheIan8 disse...
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    • Out 21 2009, 4h48
    ive done shrooms,pure MDMA[ecstacy],DOB,mescaline,salvia indorian,absinthe,and LSD,though i would like to try 2cb,DMT,lsa,amanitas,and a few others.

  • From what one might consider psychedelic drugs I've done lsd, lsa, salvia, 5-MeO-DMT, shrooms, 2-ci, 4-HO-MITP, amanitas, maybe something else I don't remember atm

    Also benzos seem to affect me similar to psychedelics. Not in a sense of altering my perception of reality, but altering my thought patterns the same way psychs do.

    Thanks to these substances I've better understanding of myself and the world and have learned to appreciate life as it is. Just delightful..

    Only few more hours to taking some shrooms... I'm fucking exited!! =)

  • I have tried obligate mushrooms, LSD, ecstasy and some psychedelic effects in me causes also medicaments called Neurol.

    Bylalibypomalátomámrád, bylalibylidovátobychzvlád
  • weed, most likely going to try LSD and E very soon. props on the awesome vids

    • Spiral25 disse...
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    • Nov 6 2009, 17h56
    Salvia can be a difficult one to get, it might just be a case of having some faith, letting go. It's strange, I think because in my experience it tends to take away my awareness of my position in time and space so it seems like I can't work out where I am, I can see with my eyes but the interpretation of physical reality in my brain doesn't seem to exist.

    I took some at a small festival before, in a pipe, sat down and had a good hit. Very odd. World went whooooosh pretty quickly and I remember looking across the field, I could see people across the other side of the field but I started to feel as if I was actually there, detached from my body.

    Once you get over the disorientation it can be quite interesting and it only lasts for a very short time anyway.

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