a Numb Disorder check us out!

  • a Numb Disorder check us out!

    Hey supp!?
    We are a new israeli band called 'a Numb Disorder'.
    we are playing some kind of metal/rock music and we want
    to let you all know that we have just put out our new demo songs!
    come and check it out here:
    Hope you'll enjoy it!

    if you like it you can get updated about the band (songs, videos,
    shows and more...) in our myspace:
    or send as an Email to:
    and get updates straight to your Email.

    Help us spread the word! and tell your friends
    (and everyone else that might like it) about us!
    it will be great :)
    a Numb Disorder

    for any question, request, offer or anything else:

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