Whats Your Favourite Progressive Metal Song?

  • Whats Your Favourite Progressive Metal Song?

    Whats your favourite Progressive Metal Song?

  • It's hard to come along with one song you put above all others. But I guess it got to be one of Pain of Salvation's masterpieces. Like "Beyond the pale", "Idioglossia" or "Iter Impius"... Then again I'd like to mention Ark's "Just a little" and quite a few Evergrey songs that come into my mind... Oh well.

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  • i Love POS!
    I might go with a bit OF dream Theater myself? probably

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Dez 17 2005, 16h15

    Proog. <3

    It's hard to say. :/ But Circus Maximus - Alive, and all songs from Symphony X have a special place in my heart. :'D

  • Oh yea, Symphony X reminds me of Star One and Ayreon. Lucassen's projects are always a joy to listen to.

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  • i dont really like Symphony X
    Ayreon are ok,but i hardly have any good songws by either of them,recommendations.?

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Dez 18 2005, 14h32
    Still Remains by Fates Warning. Prog masterpiece.

  • Re:

    Quoth Liam_Dolbey:
    i dont really like Symphony X
    Ayreon are ok,but i hardly have any good songws by either of them,recommendations.?

    Oh there are a lot!
    If it's Ayreon I'd suggest "The Castle Hall", "Cosmic Fusion", "The Two Gates", "Dreamtime", "Dawn Of A Million Souls", "Into The Black Hole", "To The Quasar, "My House On Mars", "One Small Step", "Evil Devolution", "And The Druids Turn To Stone", "Day Three: Pain" and many more :P
    If it's Star One... Well, about all songs rock. My favorites are "Set Your Controls", "High Moon", "Master Of Darkness" and "Intergalactic Space Crusaders".

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  • It's always hard to choose one song among many other great ones. But if I had to choose one song that defined the genre for me, it would be Dream Theater's "A Change of Seasons." It was one of the very first prog metal songs I listened to, and it just revolutionized music for me.

  • A Change Of

    a change of seasons is SO long! sooooo yummy tho :D
    there best. but not my favourite (i dont like it that much coz its so long,buts its brilliant)

    • Cithine disse...
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    • Dez 22 2005, 17h12
    I just can't go past "Arriving Somewhere but not here" by Porcupine Tree. Also love "A Change of Seasons", especially from Live Scenes from New York..

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  • well SymX slays but I don't consider them entirely prog (w/obvious exception of The Odyssey song and V album)

    i may have to go with Transatlantic's All of the Above

  • maybe "plains of dawn" - Pain OF Salvation

    Its So Hard!

    • asmox disse...
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    • Dez 24 2005, 5h10
    Yikes, so many songs..

    Probably a bastard tie between Cynic's 'Sentiment', Gordian Knot's 'Rivers Dancing', and Pain of Salvation's 'People Passing By'.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Dez 25 2005, 2h31
    hımm,a lot off...... example;

    pain of salvation-second love-undertow-king off loss-......(actually band's all albums of my favourite :))

    dream theater-a change of seasons-space dye vest....
    andromeda-morphing int nothing-in the deepest of waters,mirages
    dead soul tribe-In a garden made of stone,regret
    comma-sen-free as god
    ark-burn the sun
    atheist-elements,air,enthralled in essence
    Queensyrche-breaking te silence

    • retuow disse...
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    • Dez 29 2005, 11h21
    Opeth - The Moor

  • Opeth - Bleak/The Drapery Falls/The Moor/Godhead's Lament/Blackwater Park/The Grand Conjuration
    Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element/Idioglossia/Iter Impius/In The Flesh/Beyond the Pale/A Trace of Blood
    Anything by Devin Townsend, SYL or solo.

    Good music, genres aside.
    • kola77 disse...
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    • Jan 2 2006, 18h13
    Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons, Metropolis pt1
    Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element, A Trace Of Blood, Winning A War
    Opeth - Bleak, Black Rose Immortal

  • Metropolis Pt. I, A Change of Seasons, Lifting Shadows Off a Dream and Learning to Live by Dream Theater
    Acid Rain by Liquid Tension Experiment
    The Odyssey by Symph X
    Arriving Somewhere but Not Here by Porcupine Tree
    Lateralus by Tool
    Iter Impius and A Trace of Blood by Pain of Salvation

    • Sheppy disse...
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    • Jan 13 2006, 16h09
    Always a hard question.
    Dream Theater's The Glass Prison,
    or Symphony X - The Odyssey,
    or Circus Maximus - Glory of the Empire

  • Metropolis Pt. I... although that's probably for more nostalgic purposes. Psshh, as if I'd be able to pick one otherwise. =P

    Your life **SPOILERS**
    The main character dies at the end.
    • Obi-Head disse...
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    • Jan 15 2006, 16h19
    I'd say:
    1.Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons
    2.Fates Warning - Guardian
    3.Pain Of Salvation - A Trace Of Blood

    • Yasya disse...
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    • Jan 16 2006, 0h40
    Now it's definitely The Cage by Extrovert :)

    • Cithine disse...
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    • Jan 17 2006, 15h25
    I'm going to have to add "Bleak" by Opeth to my other two. It is one of my favourite Opeth tracks, and Steven Wilson produces/sings/apears. Can't go wrong there :D

    Something in your heart so cruel..
  • i bought the star one live album today, and all the song on it are amazing.

    as for my fav, at this point in time its probably a toss up between Day 7: School and Day 11: Love by Ayeron.
    but that could easily change over time.

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