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    Hey I've just joined this group recently and I thought I'd start out by finding out what everyones current favourite metal genre, favourite band and most listened to track is.

    For me I'm currently a Gothic Metal fan, favourite band would be a toss up between Sirenia and Dream Theater and most listned to track would probably be Meridian by Sirenia but that's just at the moment..

    What about yourselves?

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  • I seem to go through phases with different metal genres. For the last couple of months I've been totally into power metal and I've been listening to Dreamtale, Pyramaze and Excalion alot. Favorite tracks would be:

    Dreamtale - Angel's Eyes, Tears, Where the Rainbow Ends
    Pyramaze - The Journey, Souls in Pain
    Excalion - Temptation Wasteland, A Moment in the Spotlight

  • Yeah It's pretty much the same deal with me too. I went through my power metal stage, got a bit bored and wandered into gothic metal and symphonic metal. Some great Bands there, Dreamtale is definitely a great choice, they're a relativley new band aren't they?

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  • Also new here. New to last.fm too.

    I do not have a single favorite genre. Symphonic/Progressive/Power/Gothic metal sums up what I listen to nicely. Blind Guardian, Nightwish, and Kamelot are my current favorites. I also recently stumbled upon Within Temptation, and they're great too. I suppose I like folk music as well. I know that I like Vashti Bunyan, anyway. Bet most of you guys would pass by Just Another Diamond Day. :)

    Some of my favorite albums (in no particular order)...
    Century Child (though there are individual tracks on Once that I really like)- Nightwish
    Imaginations from the Other Side- Blind Guardian
    The Fourth Legacy- Kamelot
    Prophet of the Last Eclipse- Luca Turilli
    Demons and Wizards- Demons and Wizards
    Secret of the Runes- Therion
    Dawn of Victory- Rhapsody

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  • Well Dreamtale is new to me because I only just discovered them a couple of months ago but right now they are working on their fourth album and what really blows me away is that all four albums have a different lead vocalist. So far I like the first 3 but haven't heard their new vocalist yet.

    I went throught my gothic metal phase during the winter months.

  • That sounds interesting. I might check out Dreamtale sometime. For now, though... it's time to head to class. Some shopping and studying to do afterwards too.

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  • Re:

    Quoth LostForever:
    I went throught my gothic metal phase during the winter months.

    Hehe that's interesting cause it's just starting to get into winter here in Australia and i've only been right into goth metal for about a month now.

    Has anyone tried Viking Metal before? I found that Turisas has some great songs like Battle Metal and The Mesenger. Give 'em a try.

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  • Yeah goth and doom metal go well with gloomy winter days.

    I haven't listened to any Viking Metal yet but I'll give those bands a listen. I do enjoy Folk Metal now and then. Elvenking is pretty good.

  • i am on an goth tour now !
    i heard a band called Regicide ,they are so great !
    but check out my profile and see my weeklys xD

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    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Abr 25 2006, 17h32
    My favourite genre is folk/vikingmetal (like Turisas, Finntroll, Metsatöll, Moonsorrow, etc.) but my favourite band is Opeth and it's also my top artist on last.fm! My top track is Opeth - Closure.

  • doom

    i am also new here
    i used to listen to doom-metal radio then metalstorm radio but one by one they are stopping streaming
    my bands of choice are:
    Pink Floyd
    Dream Theater
    Jack Frost
    The Funeral Orchestra
    Electric Wizard

  • Every band on that list that I've heard of is one I like, echoes. :) Especially Nightwish and Therion. I heard a Hammerfall song on Pandora that sounded good, but I did not look them up yet. And people keep suggesting Dream Theater and some other band to me that I've not gotten around to looking up yet.

    Let's see... Midnattsol showed up on my last.fm suggestions list from my "female fronted metal" too. After finals when I have time to investigate new music again I might check them out. Either them or Lucana Coil (or whatever that band's name is). And Manowar has been on my last.fm suggestions list almost since I joined. So much music, so little time... or money... :)

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    • Silky_89 disse...
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    • Abr 29 2006, 11h35
    I don't really have a specific genre that I like above all others. I love Symphonic/Power, though. Nightwish, Epica, After Forever, Within Temptation-all great. And Blind Guardian/Iced Earth are brilliant. But then again, Maiden and Priest are two of my favourite artists, and I like my Dark Tranquillity and other melodic death a lot, as well as a wee bit of black metal on the side (Dissection/Immortal/Emperor). Trying to save up for a guitar now, so no new music for a while. So many good metal artists... :(

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  • Dark Tranquillity is certaintly up there... I had only dicovered them recently and they're really growing on me

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    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 9 2006, 20h35
    Mine is now Power (Melodic) Metal.
    Iced Earth, Nevermore, Edguy, Therion, Axel Rudi Pell
    Most listened song is probaly Thyphon from Therion

  • Hey scott, you should know wat stage i'm goin through, we spent a whole satrday afternoon downloading melodic death metal songs....but i'll give details anyway....favourite songs: Dead bury their dead by Arch Enemy, Final Resistance by Dark Tranquillity, and In Your Face by Children of Bodom....My favourite band at the moment would definately have to be arch enemy. I was stunned to find out that their lead singer was a chick, not that theres anything wrong with it, she just doesn't sound like one...lol...good to see a leading diva satanica though...and thats bout all...

    • ZoiiX disse...
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    • Jun 8 2006, 19h11
    Well my favorite genre at the moment is Nu metal, and prog, like Pain of Salvation, Tool, A perfect circle, God smack, Incubus, Dream Theater, Opeth and so on....

    well music = Life
    • teddypuh disse...
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    • Jun 18 2006, 19h22
    Dream Theater followed by a ton of other bands...

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jun 18 2006, 19h45
    umm, what would i say. I like Death Metal alot, and maybe even more Progressive metal. There are some great industrial metal bands too. I have to mention one that i love: Deathstars. Great one. "The Last Ammunition" song is damn good !

    I really don't have fav band at the moment. It really depends which mood im on.

    • Faris disse...
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    • Jun 25 2006, 16h09
    Gothic and symphonic. My favorite band is Within Temptation, and you can't make me pick my favorite song, I love them all.

    • hekate_ disse...
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    • Jun 29 2006, 15h56
    favorite band probably Anathema.

    I also like a lot Dream Theater, Sirenia, and Opeth.

    Nightwish is a nice band also, I prefer their first albums. [Angels fall first, Oceanborn, Wishmaster]

    • Emi226 disse...
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    • Jul 1 2006, 14h00
    Favorite band is nightwish , can't really say what kinda type simply because im still relativly new to metal ,so just finding my way listening to things suggested to me and not really knowing what type.

    • Londo42 disse...
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    • Jul 2 2006, 19h19
    My favorite band used to be The Sisters of Mercy, but since I got "End of an Era", it is Nightwish (like Emi226).

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  • Sill kinda new to metal but my fave genres...Symphonic/Gothic/Power.....and fave band is Nightwish. All other faves you can see on my profile/library.

    Looks like my most played song is Tristania's My Lost Lenore. Not really surprising. I fucking worship that song and NEVER get tired of it!

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