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- "Postmodernism is incredulity towards metanarratives." (Jean-Francois Lyotard)
- "A generation raised on channel-surfing has lost the capacity for linear thinking and analytical reasoning."
(Chuck Colson)
- "Postmodernist fiction is defined by its temporal disorder, its disregard of linear narrative, its mingling of fictional forms and its experiments with language."
(Barry Lewis, Kazuo Ishiguro)
- "Weird for the sake of [being] weird."
(Moe Szyslak, of The Simpsons)
- "It's the combination of narcissism and nihilism that really defines postmodernism."
(Al Gore)
- "Post-modernism swims, even wallows, in the fragmentary and the chaotic currents of change as if that is all there is."
(David Harvey)
- "We could say that every age has its own post-modern, just as every age has its own form of mannerism (in fact, I wonder if postmodern is not simply the modern name for *Manierismus*...). I believe that every age reaches moments of crisis like those described by Nietzsche in the second of the 'Untimely Considerations', on the harmfulness of the study of history. The sense that the past is restricting, smothering, blackmailing us."
(Umberto Eco)
Postmodernism is an idea that has been extremely controversial and difficult to define among scholars, intellectuals, and historians, as it connotes to many the hotly debated idea that the modern historical period has passed. Nevertheless, most agree that postmodern ideas have taken place in philosophy, art, critical theory, literature, architecture, design, interpretation of history, and culture since the late 20th century.
As a musical style, postmodern music contains characteristics of postmodern art - that is, art after modernism. It favors eclecticism in musical form and musical genre, and often combines characteristics from different genres, or employs jump-cut sectionalization (such as blocks). It tends to be self-referential and ironic, and it blurs the boundaries between "high art" and kitsch.
This group is also for those who love music that makes people around you puke their own guts out. If you get an eargasm just thinking about the sound of Vietnamese people having their intestines pulled out through their mouths, this is the place. Postmodernismaniacs, free jazz/grind/math/noise crazies, avant-garde freaks, etc. - all are welcome.

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