Show Image Chart on profile

  • Show Image Chart on profile

    So, how do I get to show the Image Chart on my profile?

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  • I would also like to know this, hopefully we will get an answer.

    • ZhL disse...
    • Usuário
    • Nov 17 2010, 0h33
    I think you're not supposed to extract the image, but you can do so nevertheless. Find the following line in the source code of the page where the image is shown after creation:

    <img src="imagechart/img?id=XXXXXX" usemap="#lastfm" border="0">
    Copy the number I replaced with XXXXXX and put it after the following link (after the "=", that is):
    Voilà. Now save the image and upload it to any imagehoster. You might want to get rid of the white spaces inbetween the artist pictures. In that case you have to open the image with your favorite image editing software, put a transparent layer beneath the image and delete all the white spaces. Then save as a .gif with transparecy enabled and upload the .gif to imageshack or whatever. It's a little annoying and I'm not sure why they made it so difficult, but that's how you do it. They will probably prevent this method from working once they got to notice their protection is obsolete :p

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