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Most definitely this band is worthy of a group. Join Now!

Pink Floyd Offical UK Homepage...

over 20.000 members..

This is the offical Pink Floyd group on We do things like discuss their effects on music, their greatness, different albums, songs and oh did I mention their greatness?
Here, Pink Floyd is omnipresent.
You are invited to view their info page Here.
Please Note the Following..
Bootlegs are ok.

Links to other Pink Floyd forums is NOT!

Please NO links in the shoutbox! This will result in a ban!

Please people lets try to keep this group about Pink Floyd and not getting more members into your personal groups. Or advertising your own music.

If you wish your country to be added to the connections list, speak up. Also if you have important Pink Floyd News. You can contact me. By either writting on my wall or emailing me through my blog.

In addition with these , thanx commandsys for banner.

> p_raem

21 May 2008
Pink Floyd Awarded 2008 Polar Music Prize.

15 September 2008
At the age of 65, our beloved friend Richard Wright passes away due to cancer. R.I.P. and thank you for all that you gave.

7 July 2006
Syd Barrett, nobody knows where you are. Thanks for everything

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