OK I know its hard but what's your top 5 Lowlife tunes?

  • OK I know its hard but what's your top 5 Lowlife tunes?

    Mines are...

    1, A Sullen Sky
    2, Ramafied
    3, Permanent Sleep
    4, Reflections Of I
    5, Wild Swan

    Not particularly in that order.

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  • 1. As It Happens
    2. Given To Dreaming
    3. Eternity Road( 12'' mix )
    4. A Year Past July
    5. Permanent Sleep

    • Namey disse...
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    • Nov 26 2010, 14h28
    Oh too hard for me - it'd feel unfair to all those other songs, sorry...

    • Keznor disse...
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    • Nov 28 2010, 16h50
    1. A Sullen Sky
    2. Sense of Fondness
    3. Sometime something
    4. Eternity Road
    5. Can't decide between Coward's Way, Mother Tongue, As it happens and Hail ye.... and Again and Again...

    and yea, I prefer their early work

    "Who tells the tide to come in?"

  • Still very new to them but I'm big on lists so I'll give it a go:

    1. Suddenly Violently Random
    2. Big Fat Funky Whale
    3. Permanent Sleep
    4. Tongue Tied And Twisted
    5. A Sullen Sky

    Subject to much change as I get more familiar I'm sure.

    • snowy657 disse...
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    • Ago 8 2011, 0h05
    1. Swing
    2. As It Happens
    3. A Sullen Sky
    4. Tongue Tied & Twisted
    5. Ramified

    The "Diminuendo" album is their masterpiece imo

  • Sometimes Something, Hollow Gut, I don't Talk To Me, from side to side, a sullen sky...

    Of course it is hard to exclude numerous other ones, some of "Rain", some of "San Antorium" (= modern good surprise for old school fans).

    Who here ready to inherit and let run ? Cold Wave Revival +group Will Heggie +group, who ready to work online in the distance ?!. Friends with bass, synth, other ?
    Idea collective project with no definite role ! (Spanish "auberge").

    Important to make live Heggie's style and this particular type of cold core / cold wave for any style had descendance, take jazz : always same frames of notes, then new melodies. One began, then 100 000 bands the same.
    And about Garland's/Lullabies/Lowlife style ? Can't stop like this ! Agree ? Not agree ?

  • 1. we the cheated
    2. Colours Blue
    3. Wild Swan
    4. Ramified
    5. Hollow Gut

  • amazingly difficult to choose....

    if i had to...
    1/eternity road
    2/forever filthy
    3/colours blue
    4/suddenly violently random
    5/missing the kick
    I feel guilty leaving out about 40 songs

  • I don't talk to me

    Sometimes something

    Hollow Gut


    (but already answered above...)

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