I can`t turn it off! Songs you want to listen again, again and again

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    • Mar 8 2009, 15h18

    I can`t turn it off! Songs you want to listen again, again and again

    Share with songs what you just cannot stop hearing again and again. For me one of these songs are Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World"

    How about you?

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    • Mar 20 2009, 15h24
    I'm going to destroy that ridiculous silence now...

    Here is the song I've been listening to over and over again. And when I wanted to turn it of, I just couldn't...

    But it'll end somehow, soon I hope.

  • Good luck;)

    I'm listening Wonderful Life by Carrion all the time...

    • dawnie88 disse...
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    • Mar 21 2009, 18h56
    i cant stop listening to rock & roll queen by the subways =P

    • lyrenie disse...
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    • Mar 23 2009, 20h46


    Here u r: http://www.last.fm/music/Charlie+Winston/+videos/+1-HVvkoK7lebc
    Charlie Winston, Like a Hobo.
    Great voice, great act of dancing in a clip: check this out. My roommate hates me because of that :p

  • what's a girl to do .. gosh.. It's like a drug to me ;)

    bat for lashes - what's a girl to do .. Most of you will addict from this.. ;D

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    • Abr 13 2009, 20h10
    How strange - Emilie autumn
    Right now i'm listening and i can't stop! lol

    • LauDG disse...
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    • Abr 16 2009, 15h25
    I've got this with a lot of songs! ö
    But after a while it stops. (:
    But for the moment it's Paris Summer by The Last Shadow Puppets.
    But the weird thing is:
    normally I get bored after a while, but now.. No, I still love this song.. x)

    She'll detect the fiction on your lips & dig a contradiction up.
    • vulchica disse...
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    • Abr 19 2009, 23h43

    i actually haven't heard the original, but this is damn funny and you wanna listen it again and again lol

    and usually i listen again and again new songs i like.
    Kanye West -gay fish :D (south park parody of heartless)
    Busta Rymes -conglomerate :)

    But the song of all times i really can't help stop listenin' is -
    Surfin' Bird by the Trashmen.

  • lately, i just can't turn off: i'm always where i need to be from the kooks / with you from the subways. <3<3

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    • Mai 1 2009, 19h28
    The devil wears prada - Louder than thunder!

  • Scars on broadway - THEY SAY!!

    i at times make my own lyrics its so easy, the melody

    i see glittering stars stained with satan's blood.sky is past.
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    • Mai 4 2009, 21h12

    Gotta love that rhapsody! =)

    OK......there are soooo many songs that I have this problem with but the main one that reeeeeally gets stuck in my head is....

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Anybody agree?! If you do......you have to talk to me so we can be best friends! =)

    • Harry_01 disse...
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    • Mai 4 2009, 21h30
    The last days it have been...

    Pink Floyd - High Hopes
    Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (The live version)
    Jeff Buckley - Dream Brother
    Jeff Buckley - Forget Her

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 9 2009, 1h30
    All of the Automatic Loveletter songs
    & thats pretty much it

    • Berrniee disse...
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    • Mai 9 2009, 8h56
    OH DAMN !!

    mamaaaaa....oooo-o-o-oooooo. I DIDN'T EVEN HEAR THE SONG AND ITS IN MY HEAD NOW.

    So I totally agree. Let's be bff:s.

    Eat that.
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 9 2009, 9h49
    All time love by Will young or Body in a box by city and colour

  • Hoedown Throwdown - Miley Cyrus
    I keep hearing people sing snatches of it as I walk around school.
    And whenever I hear it, I have to get up and dance along.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 19 2009, 20h00
    Tonight, Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins.
    That is all.

    • Melu- disse...
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    • Mai 21 2009, 21h48
    Mono - Life in Mono
    The Radio Dept. - Strange Things Will Happen
    Tanita Tikaram – Twist in My Sobriety

    All deep things are song.
  • A Heartwell Ending - If Looks Could Kill.

    I can't stop. I love this song <3

    "I'll stop at nothing
    To keep from breathing
    To be with you where the sun will always shine
    Just so that I
    Can share the same white cloud with you
  • I can't stop to listen Breaking Benjamin - Forget It, my charts are going to get full of it.

  • I can't stop to listen to KDZKPW - Połączenia.
    It's one of 10 songs I just can't get it out of my head ;]

  • Ulver - Plate 11


  • Party - Demi Lovato.
    I've listened to her album a ton, and she's STILL not even near my top artists.

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