Watchu listening to right now?

  • Watchu listening to right now?

    and put a few lines of the song down. every group should have this.

    Saint Vitus- dying inside

    I have got to change my ways
    'Cause I'm losing my mind
    I have got to stop drinking
    'Cause I'm dying inside
    I feel twice as old as I am
    And it's getting worse
    I'm in the palm of habit's hand
    I can't escape the curse

    "Success is obedience to a structured way of life, you can't ignore the structure because we're all within its sight"
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    • Dez 10 2007, 17h12
    Dimentianon - To Be Crowned King and Stabbed to Death.

    "Here I am, King gazing into eternity
    Refusing my own existence
    Immortality is now finally mine"

    Local-ish band. Saw them live yesterday. Was pleased.

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    • Dez 11 2007, 1h26
    let's see

    Nausea - Inherit the Wasteland

    step into the light of day, we’ll see to all your needs,
    give up to us your children so we may sow the seeds
    of a new and useless way of life we call the status quo.
    we’ll feed them lies of our new age and off to work they’ll go.
    to keep up peak production we’ll exploit their petty greed
    if I work long and hard enough then someday I’ll succeed
    but when your use has ended and you’ve worked long and hard,
    you’ll see yourself a wasted mess and permanently scarred

  • Acid Bath- Finger Paintings of the Insane

    Turning the knife, buried in your stomach
    I woke up alive black with stain
    Glistening and new the sunset's coming
    Finger paintings of the insane

    Come on and sterilize me
    Kneel down and idolize me
    Suck me, fuck me, resurrect me
    Rut me, cut me, and infect me

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    • Dez 13 2007, 5h50
    Cyanotic - Sensory Overload

    "It's alright. Trust me."

    You waste of life.
    You waste of space.
    You waste of everything.
    Make no mistake.
    You fucking fake.
    I enjoy your suffering.

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    • Mar 29 2008, 20h05
    Arghoslent - Oracle of the Malefic Rhizome

    Biological stratagem to punish Chaeronea
    Port and trade blockaded, looming aches
    The bellicose hellebore of Anticyra
    Envenomed the streams of the victimized

    A rhizome of the most malefic type

    Skunk cabbage, the bioterror recipe
    Flower toxins of the subalpine woods
    City and harbor demolished
    The herds accursed

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    • Abr 19 2008, 13h38

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    • Abr 19 2008, 13h39

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    • Abr 19 2008, 13h42
    In Gowan Ring
    in morning's dream
    not very hateful.
    more hateful: Slime-> Bullenschweine
    "haut die bullen platt wie stullen, schlagt die polizei zu brei"
    a call to smash all cops.
    build bombs, rob weapons...
    cool anti-police song^^

  • Nae-blis - "Distorted Mind"

    I couldn't tell on the vocals, I'm pretty sure it's in another language entirely. Anyway it's some good, solid DBM.

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    • Jul 6 2008, 12h02
    'The Last Gasp' by Impaled

    This is interesting, posting lyrics, quite cool.

    "Gale waves unleashed
    From the levee that we blew
    We did it all years before
    Back four-score minus two
    Drown the poor like rats
    With our tæniafuge
    This is the final gasp
    Give heed to the great deluge"

  • Melechesh - Of Mercury and Mercury

    A world of occult (and) sorcery
    Point the brass compass at you
    Profound cult of the erie
    Reveal the absolute truth

    A world with occult (and) sorcery
    Profound cult of the eerie
    Point the compass at you "

  • blind guardian- the quest for tanelorn

    So I'm his companion
    Through space and through time
    His eternal servant
    He's calling me
    So I must leave
    To any life
    To another world
    Far beyond Your dreams

    "Success is obedience to a structured way of life, you can't ignore the structure because we're all within its sight"
  • Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra

    "Feel so good I feel so fine
    Love that little lady always on my mind
    Gives me lovin' every night and day
    Never gonna leave her, never goin' away

    Someone to love me
    You know she makes me feel alright
    Someone who needs me
    Love me every single night

    Feel so happy since I met that girl
    When we're making love it's something out of this world"

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    • Set 26 2008, 20h25
    Deicide - Worthless Misery

    "Worthless misery, failure to me,
    Promise a lie, caught in deceit,
    trapped in the thought,
    can't be believed,
    Torn from the one,
    by your own will, deal with the pain,
    nothing fulfilled,
    Scourge of grief,
    dead to us, life...
    resume, hell for you..."

  • Transcending Bizarre? - Wolves May Safely Graze

    "Charm me I please you
    Your nocturnal shining
    Towards a horse with an unknown burden
    Notorious and heavy

    I kneel to carry an eternal why......."

    If I told you I can take you to a higher place... would you come with me?

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    • Out 7 2008, 17h44
    opeth - the night and the silent water

    "Cloak of autumn shroud
    I gaze, dim ricochet of stars
    I reckon it is time for me to leave

    You sleep in the light
    Yet the night and the silent water
    Still so dark"

  • 1349- Beyond the Apocalypse

    "Love of this country is based on nothing but the fear of living somewhere else"
  • kakistocracy - as the steel around us buckles

    Our mother is she vindictive for the shelter she provides the human race?

  • Septic Flesh- dark river

    And a wind blew like the breath of a dying man
    And the waters spawned sounds
    From the motion of slimy reptile tongues

    "Success is obedience to a structured way of life, you can't ignore the structure because we're all within its sight"
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    • Nov 20 2008, 11h19
    Morkermannen - The Ninth Circle (The Circle Of Traitors)

    gasping for air...
    clad in this armour of filth and shit..
    soaked in this festering desperation...
    left with no hope, humiliated...
    beyond hunger, beyond violation...
    days drain away in a rapid fire I can nolonger witness...
    my eyes removed and my tongue forever gone...
    silent witness to this trembling nothingness...
    black envelops me...
    hatred consumes me...

  • Gorgoroth - Katharinas Bortgang

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    • Dez 3 2008, 12h59
    Profundi - Split-Tounged

    Chasm of old, opens wide as brimstone blows
    Funerals wind sweeps throughout the world, emerging from the abyssic depths below
    Evil - the conquering, consuming of earth
    Father - speak the worlds, command the world to...

    ...Burn ...To mourn, torn... Reformed, ...Again ...And again
    ...Blood is stained ...Life is drained ...In his name

    Ancient tales of the holocaust, the great fall of man
    Once foretold by the split-tounged... Now it is at hand
    One by one they all fall slained, thrown into the deep sea of red
    Season of the split-tounged - the harvest of the dead

    Out from ashes, a dark realm's unfold
    Foretold by the split-tounged ...Now to behold
    Death has been spread, all blood is shed
    Due to the split-tounged, mankind is dead

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    • Dez 9 2008, 20h43
    Whitehouse - A Cunt Like You

    You look like a fucking bat, you old slut
    I really loathe vulgarity, so common
    Your disgraceful cellulitus
    You'll never be the same again
    Fucking stereotype
    You take just like a cunt
    Cunt fucks just like a cunt
    You ache just like a cunt
    You break just like a cunt
    A cunt like you
    Fucking stereotype

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    • Dez 10 2008, 17h00
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