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Antifa is not just people against fascism. It's a violent political movement, fighting in the streets. They think that "patriotism is the way to fascism"! We can't let them say what musicians have to sing about.

Over the years many bands have become victims of smears and antifa campaigns, from Motörhead to Anthrax, Burzum to Darkthrone, Marduk to Saxon, Manowar, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Taake, Negura Bunget, Wolves in the Throne Room, Type O Negative etc., the list is endless!

We believe that anyone should be allowed to listen to WHATEVER metal music they want and that music promoters/venues should be allowed to have ANY band perform at their venues without the prospect of intimidation, blackmail and violence.

If antifascists or any other extreme left wing people dont like a band then they have a choice, don't listen to them, don't tell us what to listen to!

This group is about gigs attacks of pagan bands. They even attacked Death in June and Neofolk bands and that is ridiculous. We think that every kind of concert should be held. Antifascists should be free to listen to antifascist music, who is pagan to pagan music, but it is just stupid to attack concerts that you have nothing to do with. If the people want to come they agree with beliefs of the band, so I can't see any point in doing that.

Bands that have been attacked and forced to cancel their gigs last years:
Goatmoon - site of right-wing and patriotic music

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