• Frog Legs :(

    • T1Z3R disse...
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    • Nov 3 2006, 15h08
    all kinds of shrimps and snales.. and also some tongues (cows etc.)

    aint that weird afterall.. :S

    Honing is voor watjes, echte mannen kauwen bijen!
    • Doorvak disse...
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    • Nov 4 2006, 1h34
    kangaroo jerky, dingo, emu, ostrich, squirrel, Jellyfish and rattle snakes

  • Opossum, bear and bison. Possibly some other things. It all depends on what the hillbillies were serving, I could only guess a few.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 4 2006, 14h29
    im afraid the wierdest animal iv had is squid...i thought it was an onion ring ... only after eating it i was told it wasn't

    • Drew_kid disse...
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    • Nov 4 2006, 15h06
    moose, shark...hmmm... oh and buffalo burgers

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 4 2006, 16h09
    ummm balut which is basically duck fetus lmao

  • jamisonparker said:
    ummm balut which is basically duck fetus lmao


  • jamisonparker said:
    ummm balut which is basically duck fetus lmao

    How does it taste?

  • Endangered Tiger.

    Upon arguing with me, realize the three rules. 1: You will not prove me wrong, else I will call the demons of hell on to you. 2: You will not contradict me, else I will call the demons of hell on to you. 3: You shall not win an argument, else I will personally disembowel you and choke you with your own intestines.
  • alligator tail

    • donnidge disse...
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    • Nov 5 2006, 13h26
    Crocodile & Kangaroo
    Haggis too, but that's just sheeps guts.

    • bhb192 disse...
    • Assinante
    • Nov 5 2006, 16h32
    alligator, antelope, snails

  • alligator, reindeer

    • asile7 disse...
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    • Nov 6 2006, 15h19
    Well I have had squid, swordfish, lobster hmmm that’s about as adventurous as I go I'm afraid. I can't eat anything that looks like what it did before it died though, that totally puts me off.

    Elisa xXx
    • cryosaur disse...
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    • Nov 6 2006, 19h04
    Crawdad (aka 'Crayfish', and I caught them myself.). I think I've had bison before, all sorts of tongues, various deer cuts (deer make great jerky and sausage, and yeah, I know they're common, but c'mon, greenies hate to see such graceful animals get eaten), antelope (same as deer), jackrabbit, calamari (who hasn't), and pheasant where the shot (B-B's) from a shotgun shell are still in it and you have to spit it out. I hate pheasant. They're just a sad excuse for chicken, all stringy brown meat. I only eat them when I shoot them (and I've pretty much stopped hunting them because I only hunt them to eat them), otherwise, I don't order them anywhere (The wild ones must be the worst, but I won't eat one of those planters or corn-fed farm-bred fuckers.).

    • cryosaur disse...
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    • Nov 6 2006, 19h06
    Oh yeah, under the 'deer' categorie, put elk and moose.

    • Lethy-FM disse...
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    • Nov 6 2006, 22h35


    i've been to namibia (africa) 4 years ago and i have eaten 'oryx' :p something like a horse only weirder.

    doesn't it look delicious :)

    • ill_dawg disse...
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    • Nov 6 2006, 23h11
    Recently: Rabbit, wild boar, pig's tongue, bull, livers from most domestic species, chicken heart, pig's heart (vallentines day present for my girlfriend). In the past: alligator, buffalo, beefalo (hybrid cow and buffalo, fxcking delicious), anything the japanese will make sushi out of, ostrich, kangaroo, emu, babies, etc.

    • cryosaur disse...
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    • Nov 8 2006, 22h30
    Lethy-FM said:
    i've been to namibia (africa) 4 years ago and i have eaten 'oryx' :p something like a horse only weirder.

    doesn't it look delicious :)

    Not like a horse at all, except superficially. It's more closely related to antelope-type deer. In fact, it IS a type of antelope. That sounds delicious.

  • octopus.

    Tell the pigs I did it.
  • Jellyfish and sea urchin, neither of which I'd recommend.

    You know what they say about optimists and pessimists, right? The optimists may live longer, but the pessimists are always right.
  • I would strongly recommend trying octopus. It is delicious once you get past the original chewyness. Some japanese lady brought it into our class and everyone spit it out except me. Probably because it tastes like you're eating a rubber bouncy ball at first. But once it stops being so chewy, it really does have a delicious after taste.

    Tell the pigs I did it.
    • thephore disse...
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    • Nov 10 2006, 10h22
    I ate an ork once.

    no emm.. I can't remember anything that special..

  • Unusual is a somewhat subjective term, so I'll list things I've eaten that most American suburbanites probably haven't tried.

    - Rabbit: A surprisingly sweet meat. Great mixed with pork as a paté.

    - Alligator: Tastes poultry-like, in between chicken and turkey, with a tougher, pork-like texture.

    - Dove: It's got a nice, somewhat gamey flavor, but it's kinda insubstantial.

    - Pheasant: Reminds me of cornish hens, only more gamey.

    - Goat: Not bad. Not spectacular, either.

    - Venison: A bit on the tough and gamey side. I'd recommend marinating it for a very long time in something acidic, like red wine or lemon juice, and then slow-cooking it like a pot roast.

    - Veal: I love veal. Not super-exotic, but I absolutel love it. Cheese made with fresh rennet is great too.

    - Lamb: A bit different than goat, but nothing special nevertheless.

    - Boar: Like nicely raised pork, only tastier. Especially roasted over a nice hickory fire, eaten nice and browned, while the fat is still dripping. Mmm.

    - Escargot: Vaguely reminiscent of mussels. I'm not too fond of either snails or mussels, but both are alright.

    - Chicken: Factory-farmed chicken is *not* chicken, and neither are those quick-growing breeds so loved by factory farms. Old European breeds of chicken raised on a pasture and slaughtered when fully matured have a lot of flavor. No need for sauce and dazzling spices (unless you're in the mood for that, of course) - all you need for chicken is some salt and pepper.

    - Duck Foie Gras: I've had regular duck liver before. I was in for a nasty surprise when I ate a chunk of foie gras with a fork and knife. It's pretty much not what you'd expect from liver and is downright nasty. I've since learned my lesson - it's great lightly fried and served on fresh bread. I really want to try goose foie gras, as I've heard it's superior to that from a duck.

    - Oysters: Not really exotic. They're pretty good, if the chewy, organy part is cut off and used as a fish lure.

    - Clams: Once again, not really exotic, but it's not too popular either.

    - Lamprey: Tried it in Spain. Its a bit of an acquired taste, but it's not bad even for a first try.

    - Crawfish: Common enough in the South, but many Northerners haven't tried 'em. IMO, they're sweeter than, with a different but similar texture to shrimp and lobster.

    - Lobster:

    - Squid: Calamari, chipirón, ika, whatever you want to call it. It's all good, whether it be raw, steamed, simmered, or deep-fried. Sorta reminds me of clams, but its flavor is distinct.

    - Octopus: Great in frutti di mare pizza or pasta. Also had it in a number of Japanese dishes. I love the tentacles of baby octopuses. Nice and chewy, in a good way.

    - Conch: Nothing spectacular, though there were some tasty conch fritters I had on Key Largo, Florida one time.

    - Caviar: There are only two I've tried:

    -- Ikra: I like it, though I don't love it. It's great served on thin, lightly toasted, garlic-buttered baguette slices with some lemon juice sprinkled on top. The flavor of caviar is like a burst of salty fishiness. Not as bad as it sounds - in fact, I dare say it's good.

    -- Tobiko: Flying fish roe. I've had it on uramaki, in on chirashizushi, and on hard-boiled quail eggs. It's finer in texture and milder in flavor than ikra. Very nice stuff.

    I think that covers it well. I've eaten a wide range of fish dishes, but there are just too many to list, ranging from cod to eel to mahi mahi. I do have a particular fondness for cod or halibut fish 'n chips, and uramaki with kajiki, avocado, and tobiko.

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