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If you get hurt easily by many things surrounding you and/or hate everything just because of that, feel free to join.

Do you find yourself in this picture?

Do you feel like a lonely ranger inside of the global asylum?

Do you feel useless and aimless?

And where are you in that all? Don't you have enough?

Don't you think about let it all go and just free yourself?

We're not like emo (we don't support them either). Emo pretend to be like us. It's sad that most people nowadays are so blind to others' feelings and problems that they just label them as "emo" and leave it at that.

This scene is mandatory for you:

"Alone again my friend
I know it's lonely, I've been there as well
Crowded rooms seem so empty
The color on the wall turns gray
your soul is about to collapse
your heart bleeds, only empty thoughts exist
Everything you've ever done seems pointless
Helpless, you can't think at all

Stop searching for answers
it's all in your head
And you're already dead

Sudden death is so inviting
No personality left at all
I know just what you're thinking
left behind by those you depended on
Can't think straight, it's all in your head
No matter the world is still the same
Time will never be your ally
Fragile you can't breath at all

Maybe they never meant to hurt you
I guess no one is to blame
Daily you're picking up the pieces
Searching for the life you had"
~Panzer AG - It Is All In Your Head

Know your value. Being oversensitive can be used as a great advantage. Only empathic, sensitive and rational person can grasp everything correctly. Without it, there's a big lack in perceiving. But on the other side, being oversensitive is a great burden and makes us martyrs of our fate. Realize, that the suffering may, but don't have to be just a balance for our great ability to perceive things better than others.

"The most profound knowledge is usually born in pain."

If you have enough of being human being or being (combo 3) alive in this sick world and simply want to talk with someone like you, come here. We always have a warm place for everyone that's worth it. Feel free to share your feelings and even ask for some help. You shouldn't be ashamed of your past. Everyone has problems and it would be generally respected and understood. This is the main purpose of this group.

We exactly know that it's different that it should be. The whole place is protected against unwanted, insensitive bastards who like to insult others' feeling. If you're one of them, stay away and please, die.

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