what is your favorite song by Opeth

  • what is your favorite song by Opeth

    Here can you chat about you'r favorite song by opeth.

  • My favourite song from Opeth is:

    Advent, without a doubt. Advent is from the second album called Morningrise which is also my favourite album from the band. It has everything which a song over 10 minutes should have. It has beautiful folky moments and moments of Black Metal screams and heavy drums. The bass is really jazzy and I really like that.

  • good choice. I love that song too.

  • Favorite song

    The Night and the Silent Water.
    Face In The Snow - at this time.

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  • My favorite song is harvest. Its a beautiful song.

  • At the moment, my favourite song is To Rid the Disease. It has that special thing and Mendez's bass is just...amazing..

  • I cannot choose "my favourite song", there are too many amazing songs.. =) but in this moment.. The Moor, from Still Life. It blends mysterious sounds with great strenght that fades into moments of sweetness.. I love it!

  • My favourite album of Opeth is Ghost Reveries but despite that i guess my favourite song is Drapery Falls... Such an amazing song..

  • from their early records, in the mist she was standing, advent, black rose inmortal, to bid you farewell, honestly i cant choose just one :p

  • thanks everyone for sharing that with us :D

  • Hm, this is really hard to say. I think that my favourite Opeth songs changes from time to time. Overall I'd have to say it's either The Drapery Falls or In My Time of Need.

    Currently the top3 for me are The Night and the Silent Water, Coil and Credence :D

    edit: oooh I definitely forgot To Bid You Farewell, it should be up there with The Drapery Falls

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  • Ghost of Perdition, that song is simply amazing!
    Great composition, Mikael grunts and sings very good and the riffs are fantastisc!
    Ghost Reveries is also my faourite album of the group.

  • At this moment: Reverie/Harlequin Forest.

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