VH1 100 greatest songs from the 90's

    • gEEEERa disse...
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    • Jul 15 2009, 23h00

    VH1 100 greatest songs from the 90's

    Most of them had more than just one hit but the list it's filled with lovely one hit wonders, i searched all of the tracks on the list and put them on little .rar files for you to enjoy.

    Links are here ---> http://musiteka.net/2008/11/vh1-100-greatest-songs-from-the-90s/

    enjoy ;D

  • And look which song is 01 (not necessarily on top but the first of the lot): Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"!
    One of my favourites. Rock on!

    WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! The Breeders "Cannonball" is also there!
    Fantastic. All we need now is L7 with "pretend that we're dead"...

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