Daily Ogle news

  • Daily Ogle news

    In order to remember what we did, we'll write here all our good pranks...

    December the 4th, 2006
    Rumours says it could have a love romance between Matthew Ogle and the canadian user HairyChewie. User HairyChewie posted a journal entry with a cool picture of the cute couple.

    December the 7th, 2006
    Always on the cutting edge, Matthew Ogle is the first last.fm artist to have a french wiki, while the whole translated website is still in beta version.

    December the 9th, 2006
    An unmoderated fan changed Matthew Ogle artist picture by a very very cool one, showing Matt lying in a bed, wearing very nice blue underwears and playing with... huh geek toys, and connected by an USB cable in his arse. Artist picture has been deleted by Matt on December the 10th. He eventualy posted a few insults to the picture uploader on his own artist shoutbox. Rumour says this fan possibly might be a cute aussie brunette confirmation needed or a big canuck truckerditto. Indeed, such a photo implies an important intimacy.

    December the 12th, 2006, early
    Last.fm servers have made their job, flushed the cache and new fresh tags just arrived on Matt's artist page during the night: eargasm, emosexual-country-death-ska, and likes it rough and sweaty. If the first tag shows how much people love Matt's music (eargasm is, indeed, a portemanteau word from ear and orgasm, which means that Matt's songs are an orgasm for the ears), we don't have any explanation for the two other ones. It is very important to notice that these new tags additions haven't drastically modified the tagcloud and that the tag is number 1. tag's position hasn't moved and is still the second one.

  • December the 12th, 2006, late
    Matthew Ogle has been listed as one of the main influences of the swiss rapper (and last.fm staff member) Norman Casagrande.

    December the 13rd, 2006, noon
    Artists Matthew Ogle and Norman Casagrande are planning a gig together at 'The Prince Arthur'. I don't know that venue, but I might be awesome. Tagline also says:
    "Watch it get hairy and wild with a special Last.fm party! Matthew Ogle will be weaving tales of love, hair, and carebear pyjamas, avec his accordion. Then later in the night, our very own N-Dog will be laying down some phat algorithms, in one big numfuckfest."
    According to the Last.fm event system, a few fans already have the intention to support Matthew and Norman for that first London event!
    I'm personnaly attending and I've already booked my Eurostar ticket... I'm very excited. I'll write a review soon about what I would call the most underground gig in London...

  • I've not been so active these days... What can I say? In 15 days, 2 new albums,

    One great video on YouTube:

    Another great one:

    Also, one streamable track on last.fm: Silent Night (live).

    And tonight, Sneakery Records just release this graph:

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