So what's your favourite team?

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    • Set 14 2008, 13h23

    So what's your favourite team?

    Well, my fave team is the NY Jets!

    I'm following the NFL for the third year now, and I love the game of football!

    J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!

  • Bob Sanders

    I'm just an NFL fan. Total Junkie. But if I Had 2 pick one I'd say Colts. I love the Agressive DEFs of the Giants and the Eagles tho. If I were a defensive coach, I'd Blitz every play. Probably B fired at half time, but that's the way to do it.

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    • Out 22 2008, 14h28

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  • That's Great

    This is actually a Strange year. Every week there seems 2 B @ least 1 major upset.

  • New York Giants :D Born and raised! xx

    • _stubbs_ disse...
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    • Out 25 2008, 4h18
    Titans ftw!

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 29 2008, 7h17
    Redskins! Born and raised fan in Washington =]

    • pibe73 disse...
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    • Nov 2 2008, 19h55
    hello , i'm fan of THE football but my favorite team is CLEVELAND BROWNS :)) but too buffalo bills but i'm just fan of NFL :))))

    • Jocker89 disse...
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    • Nov 11 2008, 18h00
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    this year tey'll make it at least to the play-offs you'll see
    and they even could make it to the super-bowl
    cause you all know that D# wins championships xD
    and the Bucs got a great one

    Poker with Joker

  • ##########'s make good neighbors

    Ha! I've never seen # = fence B4. That's pretty good. 8D

    • Jocker89 disse...
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    • Nov 12 2008, 14h47
    Madden08 ;)

    Poker with Joker

    • Drumsets disse...
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    • Nov 25 2008, 11h32

    Another touch, another taste, another fix...
  • Ramsssss

  • American team :) beware of D-Ware

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mar 25 2009, 17h23
    Arizona Cardinals -> go Fitzerald...

    • _Tarkus_ disse...
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    • Mar 31 2009, 0h09
  • Chicago Bears! /from NFL

    and Gliwice Lions / i'm playin' in it

    • Maz1789 disse...
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    • Mai 30 2009, 8h50
    Awesome, guests can post.

    Well personally, I think the Jets blow. Dolphins 'till I die.

    • Hemmels disse...
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    • Jul 5 2009, 13h03
    Hi all. I'm from the UK, and can't understand why we dont play the game so much over here. It's a fantastic spectacle, and the games go far deeper than just the players, and it's an amazingly tactical game. I love it. - But i'm not paying £200 to watch it at Wembley!
    I'll take the day off work to watch it though :)
    I've been a fan of the Eagles since watching McNabb when I was a kiddie, but I have nothing against the Patriots, the Saints or the Dolpins.

    Ooooh laaaay!
    • libeep disse...
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    • Jul 28 2009, 17h04
    I am a Packers fan

  • Definatly the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS!!!
    Even though im from the uk i love nfl. Its like my favourite sport... oh wait it isXD


    • pedrobyo disse...
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    • Set 20 2009, 16h49
    Indianapolis Colts! <3

    Jeff Saturday is adorable (L)

    • UnholyID disse...
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    • Set 20 2009, 17h58
    Patriots all the way

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 2 2009, 20h44
    NY Jets

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