Out 15 2010, 17h50 por myendeavour

    The new My Endeavour track Go With The Flow is finally here !
    Exclusive 1st listen here on LASTFM.
    We hope you like this one.
    Thanks for your patience and continued support.
  • Help Choose The New My Endeavour Track

    Jun 28 2010, 10h44 por myendeavour


    We’re entering the studio again on 10th & 11th Jul and as a My Endeavour listener we need your help in choosing our next professionally produced track!

    We have several songs that are currently in demo form which we are considering re-recording as they have been enhanced and improved somewhat since we recorded the demo, or we have some new songs which are pretty much ready to go.

    The question is, would you rather get a pro / polished / enhanced and better version of one of the following:

    Left For Dead
    Choices Made
    Losing Sight

    Or hear a brand new track:

    Cause and Effect (a powerful heavy metal track)
    Re-Invention (a heavy riff based track with a catchy sing along chorus)
    Go with the Flow (an upbeat crowd pleasing rock track guaranteed to get you pumped)

    Just reply to this email with your preferred track and we’ll compile the votes and get it recorded and sent to you for FREE!

    We know you can’t really vote for a track you haven’t heard yet so if you want a new track just let us know which one you’d like to hear by the sound of the description.

    Many thanks for your support and time!

  • The Quote of the day:

    Mai 24 2010, 14h41 por SnapSh0tLuv

    ♥ ♪♫ ♥ “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music” ♥ ♪♫ ♥

    I found this quote today. I sent it to everyone on my friends list (I think I got everyone hahaha).

    I love this quote so much. There is so much music out there, its amazing. Its just a shame life isn't long enough to discover it all.


    Abr 29 2010, 10h43 por myendeavour


    Download the new My Endeavour track - IDENTIFY for FREE for a limited time only !

    Just follow this link to our official website:
    My Endeavour (official)

    Or visit the track page here on LastFM:

    If you want to sign up to our website and leave your email address so we can contact you directly with similar offers in future then feel free !

    Spread the word and enjoy !

  • New Song - IDENTIFY

    Abr 17 2010, 6h49 por myendeavour

    Hi All,

    Our new song Identify is now available to listen to and add to you playlists ! We'd love to hear your feedback on it !
    If you are only getting a 30 second preview the full track can be heard at our website My Endeavour (Official)
    Sit back and rock out !
  • Today LastFM has tried to sink us. Please lend artist and group support here.

    Abr 12 2010, 22h14 por vjsupersaint

    Please click on the picture. To read what we think. And please help us. By lending us your great support. Thank-You.
  • April and Easter 2010. Newsletter.

    Mar 31 2010, 23h55 por vjsupersaint

    Hello all you good and nice people. Welcome to Spring in The Northern Hemisphere. And Autumn for those of you in The Southen half of our globe. And for those of you that celebrate it. Have a very Happy Easter Not too many chocolate eggs OK. And for those of you that know it's April Fools Day today. Look out for the mousetrap in your bed. Now you cannot say we did not warn you, can you haha.

    OK so on with the news from the past and coming Month then. First of all in our journey around our groups. We found these messages over the last Month.

    From WeLoveYourSongs

    Hey guys we are actually looking for unsigned artists for an online music contest. The contest will be free to join and with a final prize of € 1000. For further information regarding rules and how to register take a look here or send us an email at Cheers

    And this from fetler only yesterday as you read this

    New bands/artists are needed for the Duck and Cover website. If you'd like to promote your music, please post audio/video clips and a bit of copy here:

    If you are an artist or part of a band. These ideas we feel. May be well worth you taking a good look at.

    Double Thumb also has a couple of new tracks. That she would love for all of us to listen to. These are here. Lullabies EP

    From roligtmedhatt

    Just released, full 7 track EP for FREE!! Northern Swedish upbeat summer-y indie pop! Dreamy folky vocal harmonies, soulful intricate violins... for fans of Vampire Weekend + Loney, Dear and the like!
    And from SurfaceUnsigned.
    The Surface Unsigned Festival has expanded to European for 2011. The Surface Unsigned Festival is a live music event that brings unsigned bands and artists to the attention of all aspects of the music industry. We are a festival of new music held throughout Europe in aid of discovering and promoting new talent. In 2011 events will be held in cities throughout the U.K. and Europe. For bands that reach the final stages of the Festival, both Surface Unsigned and our sponsors will award with Industry Showcases, Recording and Production Deals, Professional Photo Shoots, Cash, Endorsements and much more. The prizes in store for 2011 are in excess of 100,000 Euros.
    OK so here's what some of our European artists would like you to know too. from Lostfreeq.

    From SebastianMuxo
    Hey i´m really apriciate that you listen my songs and comment what do you think about it. I'll take your observations to get better every day and I Think that you can help me to get my music known!!! So I hope that you include me in your groups and activitys I will really apiciate!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! SEBASTÍAN MUXÓ IF YOU WANNA LOOK MY WORK AND HEAR MY MUSIC ENTER HERE:ó

    And finally from Sax-Moryson
    New Radio-Link..Sax & Moryson / PS-12 - 24 hour Radiostation , . ......Hello , thanks to all who hear my music. I´m pleased. My music is now running well all day in a radio station in U.S. Pa .Here the new Link:.... ....... Gina, from Sax & Moryson , G.M.Orchestra , Orchestra de Blonde , Project System 12 , Gina Moryson , and other


    News from artists is as follows;
    From Chiron1

    Hi. I've been busy in the studio working on a new song. Here's the result. I hope you like it True Blood

    Hi all. New song uploaded. Bit of a different sound for me...there's not an acoustic guitar in sight. Let me know your thoughts :) All I Wanted

    From Timbo93
    Hey guys, my musical project is called Weekend Revolutionaries. I've so far released two albums (Trouble in Paradise and Boxes and Boomgates), as well as a single (Open - Single). My third album, Coastal Mentality is released worldwide in digital form on June 7, so please support my music and purchase a copy on iTunes/Amazon etc. My second album is also out digitally (iTunes/Amazon/Shockhound/Rhapsody etc) and physically at CD Baby.

    From gethinkitchener
    hiho, been quiet for a while but here's a newie And On It Goes
    And finally from AtlasMountains

    Hi everyone.... we have made available for free download another track off our album 'Sanskrit Owl'... come have a listen, and if you like what you hear, download or just say hi, whatever takes your fancy! Cheers Dave (The Atlas Mountains)
    Sanskrit Owl

    Not much news here we're unhappy to say. But Snye is our artist of the week in there. So please give him a listen,thanks. And tracks come quite regularly from Cordovero So please give him a listen too. He's very good. And is very good at mixing it up regularly.


    News from artists.
    From RickyReilly.

    Who wants to do a listen swap? send me a link!

    From Alonely.
    Listen swap? :D

    From blockproject
    stopping by to say hi. i'm mobdividual. acoustic guitar driven delays, noise and chords, let me know what you think... listening my way down, already know some... facebook bandcamp LastFM

    From thenolf
    new track, hope you enjoy!

    From purplefrapp
    here's my first album as i told you before!

    And finally from JunoKnowsTheBiz;
    I'm not in a band, but I work for a music blog and we interview and do reviews for unsigned bands on a regular basis. I gotta admit, unsigned bands have some of the greatest material I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. So if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me and we can schedule an interview or set up a review with either myself or one of my coworkers. To every unsigned band or solo act, I wish you nothing but the best! ~Juno

    Unfortunate again a very small group that needs artists and listeners alike. To come join and help us build. But no new again from there. Please do listen to current Artistes of the week though Badapple

    TNI The New Independent
    News from artists is as follows;

    There is a new Bill Strange tune at you might like, Burning Desire Please feel free to let me know what you think.
    And the only other message is from Kenelis.
    Hey, , please listen to my band KENELIS. We're trying so hard to make it big so please have a quick look? X :) Thanks mel x

    New Releases

    Cold September EP

    The Unbearable Romanticism of Melancholia

    Party Field

    Distorted Dreams

    Coastal Mentality

    Other News & Links.

    Please don't forget the best DJ on the radio anywhere in the world. Her name is Susanne [Sussilo]. Please ask her for local timings. But this is where you can find this wonderful Lady at the weekend.

    She plays the best mix of artists. Old & New, with a record label or not. Please click on the picture to find out more.

    And this one is for our friend Joey Stebanuk who you can find in our group Unsigned America And you can buy his music at giveaway prices here. Please use the links there to see what bargains he has got. Thank-You.

    OK so that's it then please do have a great Easter all of you. And please listen to all our artists connected to all our groups. Especially our Artistes of the week. And new artists are being added all the time. Please do come check them out. And join our groups too thanks.
    Take care all of you. With love from Susanne,Daniel &


    Mar 1 2010, 17h21 por myendeavour

    Hi My Endeavour fans...

    It would be really appreciated if you could vote for us at one or all of the sites below to help us gain some exposure for our music !

    Your vote could really make the difference !

    AA Next Big Thing

    Fame Games

    Exposure Music Awards

    [url=http://www.[spam nofollow=yes]]MP3 Awards

    Hope you're enjoying your FREE download of The Fallen !



    Fev 24 2010, 17h52 por myendeavour

    To ALL our LastFM groupies :-)

    As a thanks for all your support download our latest track The Fallen for FREE from :

    Alternative Addiction

    Available for a limited time only !

    Enjoy !


    Fev 12 2010, 16h06 por myendeavour

    My Endeavour are back with a new sound and NEW single - The Fallen - Released digitally worldwide today !

    The Fallen is a powerful and emotive hard rock track written for all those that have died fighting for our freedom.

    Hand picked to be played on Florida’s KRRadio and the BFBN Network this single is starting to generate some serious buzz.

    "We’re impressed. Seriously. This is probably one of the best submissions we have had in a long ass time".
    - DJ Killer, KRRadio

    “This rock track demonstrates how to squeeze a ton of epic sincerity into a short but brilliant single.4/5"
    - Steve, The Mag

    "My Endeavour instil the weighty feel of post-grunge rock in 'The Fallen' - and the lyrics are equally deep in this massive track. Throughout the song things build up very gradually, eventually hitting a storming instrumental with a solo that contributes to the sober and emotive feel of the track.".

    Purchase The Fallen today from the following stores:


    Thanks for your support !