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we put out music.

Don't think of this as a mission statement, because it isn't -- this is an apology.

An apology to you, the reader, for getting dragged into the mess we've created here.

An apology to everyone in our lives that saw so much potential go to waste because, instead, we just had to follow our dreams to make music our life.

But most of all, this is an apology to ourselves, for being too goddamn obsessive to stop while we had the chance.

We don't do drugs here at Music Ruins Lives, but we exist as junkies nonetheless -- trapped in the never-ending chase to feed an addiction that's worse than anything based in substance, because hell, it's everywhere, everybody does it, and it's so socially acceptable the kids're getting hooked before they can even read. No one ever expects going in to have to push off payments and skip a few meals here and there in order to free up enough cash to sate the urges, but that's the reality of the situation we've put ourselves in, one that deserves no more or less pity than is cast upon those shaking with the sickness of withdrawal -- what we pop in aren't pills, but cassettes and compact discs; our needles hit record grooves instead of veins. It's disgusting.

But it's unavoidable at this point.

We're in so deep, even searching doesn't bring us what we need, and the decision has been made to start cooking up our own batches of the stuff, with no concern for our own health or safety. It's too late for us anyway.

There is no "label ideal" here at Music Ruins Lives -- no genre restrictions, no aspirations, no real semblance of quality control: if it gives us and gets us what we need, we'll handle the project, because at the end of the day, that's all that matters at this point. Involved artists will end up in a better situation than they were in before they heard the rather unappealing name, and we'll most likely not. But it'll be enough to carry us through to the next score.

You've gotten your cautionary tale. We've got nothing but regrets. And music for you to check out.

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